A Sense of Destiny

All great individuals, be they men or women, be they godly or ungodly, had at least one thing in common – a sense of destiny.  But is this feeling, this goal, this driving force, only limited to great individuals?  What about the everyday person?  Does he or she count?  What if I haven’t accomplished something that makes the world take notice?

Truth is, each of us has a destiny, a purpose, whether we believe it or not, and whether we understand it or not.  Even the person born crippled or blind has a purpose.  The mentally handicapped, the deformed, the despised, all have a destiny to fulfill.  This destiny is more than the simple grave market – Born Dec 16, 1943, Died Mar 23, 2002.

Part of our destiny is tied up in the people we meet everyday, the people we talk to, the people we live with.  Even the people we shake our fist at, as they cut us off in traffic, or pull something dangerous to which we are forced to react.  Even these people may play a part in our destiny.  Here’s a mind-blower for you — even this blog, and you reading this blog, may play a part in my destiny and yours.

Here’s the clincher — you are destined to accomplish great things.  Now to understand this phrase we must understand what great means.  It doesn’t mean what the world defines as greatness.  That definition would be far too limiting.  In God’s view greatness is largely defined by servitude.  In other words serving, helping, assisting, others.  In our words, our deeds, our prayers, and our intentions.

You have a destiny of greatness.  This greatness is bound up in helping others.  Not just the ones who deserve it, but also to the ones who are difficult, who oppose us.  It’s not an easy task.

Perhaps, this part is the hardest.  Although you are destined for greatness, you cannot achieve your goal if you leave God out.  After all, He is the author of your destiny or purpose.  It would make sense that He be included in our plans, since He created them to begin with.  You see, my friend, the goal is not to have God give us a helping hand with our plans —- no —- the goal is for us to participate and cooperate with God’s plan.

This sounds easy enough, but wait.  God’s plan may not be exactly what we had in mind.  Sometimes His plan is far from our goals and wants.  This causes conflict.  Conflict within our own spirit and mind.  We can ignore it, or we can fight it, or we can submit to it.  Anything but the last will cause us great difficulty and harm.

So, let me summarize —

1.  We each have a destiny or purpose, designed by God

2.  This destiny or purpose has greatness written all over it

3.  We can only achieve this destiny or purpose by submitting to God’s plan, not our own

So, what will you do?

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