Four Paths to the Other Side of the Mountain

In life we face a lot of mountains.  Some are more like hills, while others look like the Rocky Mountains or Mount Everest.  But in any case, we face them.  Fortunately, God has a way for us to get to the other side.  It just may not be the same way every time.

While others may come up with different set of options, my simple mind has come up with four ways God helps us to get to the other side:

Path 1 – speak to the mountain, and have it removed from your path.  We know this is possible because Jesus said it was.  Unfortunately, many folks are speaking to a mountain in their path, and it is not moving.  Why?  Simply because not all mountains are the same.

Path 2 – climbing over the mountain.  God provides the climbing gear, your provide the muscle, discipline, and preparation.  There will be clefts, there will be areas where you are dangling 1000 feet in the air, and there will be vista views that cannot be obtained anywhere else.  But, it will be exhausting, too.

Path 3 – Go around.  Rather then climb over it may sometimes be best to simply go around.  Military commanders know this tactic very well.  Rare is the commander that forces his army to engage the enemy head-on in every single battle.  It is sometimes advantageous to go around the enemy and cut off his means of resupply.

Path 4 – my personal favorite – boring a tunnel through the mountain.  This is hard work, and dusty.  But the one terrific advantage this path has over the others is once the tunnel is completed others can take advantage of your labor, and save themselves for other battles.  This is not possible for the other paths.  There is something very curious about tunneling, too.  It is hard to know when your breakthrough will occur.  Even if you are only inches away from victory, it will appear as if nothing has changed.  If you give up too soon, you may only be inches away from a tremendous breakthrough.

I say all this, as if the mountains in my life have been easy, and I’ve always come through victorious.  I have not.  But I have learned from my experiences, and can safely say, that even through my hard-headedness, God has managed to teach me many things about mountains.  I dare say, that many of you have already encountered some mountains in your life, and for still others, mountains lie ahead.  Be prepared.  God wants you to win, to get to the other side.

One Response to “Four Paths to the Other Side of the Mountain”

  1. John O. Says:

    Chuck — this is good, really good! Never looked at “tunneling” in the way you put this. Thanks.

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