A Dream Too Far

In the 1970’s a documentary movie called “A Bridge Too Far” was made.  It detailed the failed attempt by the Allies during World War II to capture and hold several key bridges into Nazi Germany.  While some heroics and valiant efforts were made, it was a miserable failure hence the title of the book and subsequent movie – “A Bridge Too Far”.

But dreams are different.  Right?  Most dreams we have, ignoring those pesky and crazy dreams associated with too much pizza, are pleasant and give us hope.  Of course, I’m not really talking about dreams that come with sleep, but the dreams on which our future hope rests.

It would help to understand not all dreams are alike.  Some dreams are given by God.  The most notable example was those given to Joseph, but there are others, too.  And then there are dreams we have for our children, for our jobs or careers, for our businesses, and for relationships.  Some dreams are worth, and may take a lifetime to achieve, while some dreams may be clearly selfish, and serve only to satisfy our own desires.  Some dreams are healthy, while others may prove destructive.

The story of David and Michael (Saul’s daughter) may serve as an example of a dream that was not that beneficial.  We don’t have a clear record of what David felt about Michael, but there was obviously something there.  The scripture does say Michael loved David.  The story begins with showdown between David and Goliath.  David is probably a very young man, if not a teenager, at this time.  He asks several people what will be done to the one who conquers Goliath.  It becomes clear that winning the King’s daughter’s hand in marriage is one of the prizes.

After David conquers Goliath, Saul defers in giving up Michael to David.  Instead he sends David off on a suicide mission in an attempt to be rid of him.  But David prevails in the mission.  David and Michael have a short time together before violence between David and Saul force David to become a fugitive.  Saul then gives Michael in marriage to another man.  For many years David is on the run from Saul, but he never forgets Michael.  And when the running finally comes to an end, who does David send for?  Michael.  Why?  Because his dream is set on her.

But, Michael proves to be a poor choice for David.  She laughs at his dancing before the Lord.  She mocks him when he is run out of the kingdom by his own son.  And David puts her away, and she never bears him a child, which is necessary to keep the line of royalty going forward.

Dreams are good, and there are to be held onto, and believed in, and stored in our hearts, but some dreams are not healthy for us.  It is important to determine which dreams are worth holding onto and which ones represent a dream too far.

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