Just Because It’s Good Doesn’t Mean It’s Anointed

There appears to be a good bit of confusion in the Pentecostal Christian movement these days.  Unfortunately, much of it is the result of ignorance.  Not the kind of ignorance that comes from lacking intelligence, but the kind that comes from simply not knowing.  We will hear a song, and declare that it must be anointed because it sounds so wonderful.  Or we will hear a stirring message and declare how anointed it is.  What we tend to forget is the natural world has many talented singers, musicians, artists, actors, writers, speakers, and other crafts.  And, they are no slouches when it comes to putting together a wonderful presentation of their talents and skills.

Therefore, anointed individuals and presentations must be different, and not just based on how well they sound or appear.  Which begs us to answer the basic question – What is the purpose of being anointed by God?  For, without the answer to this basic question we may flounder when we attempt to answer whether something is anointed or not.

In the scripture nothing was anointed without a specific purpose.  Whether the anointing occurred as oil was poured out upon an individual, or whether the anointing occurred as a result of the Holy Spirit, there was always a purpose.

In its’ simplest definition, it can be said that the anointing draws people to God.  When someone sings, preaches, heals, or speaks under the anointing of God, its primary purpose is to draw individuals to God.  It is not to glorify, or lift up, the individual.  It can be said with some certainty that nothing of a significant spiritual nature can be accomplished without the anointing.  Whether the task be witnessing, healing, or simply giving comfort or guidance, if there is any virtue or lasting benefit, it must be anointed by God.

This is not to say that all good things are anointed, or that nothing good can be accomplished without the anointing.  It is to say that God’s purpose is fulfilled when things and individuals are anointed to the task.  In short, God’s task cannot be accomplished, the way He wants it, without the anointing.  The anointing is God’s seal of approval.  It is His divine authorization.

The anointing cannot be manipulated, conjured up, or fabricated.  It cannot be brought into existence through singing, music, preaching or other activity.  However, these things may sound good, and make us feel good, at least for the moment, even without the anointing.  But, lasting spiritual benefit cannot be achieved without God’s intervention.

The anointing can accomplish in 5 minutes what would take a lifetime of effort to achieve otherwise.  The anointing makes a lasting impression on those individuals who are touched by it, who are brave enough to receive it.

There is writing, and there is anointed writing.  There is singing, and there is anointed singing.  There is preaching, and there is anointed preaching. Unfortunately, there appears to be a lot more activity that is not anointed than there used to be.  People going through the motions.  Saying or singing the words, but the impact is muted.

The scripture makes it clear that we are vessels.  The vessel is a container or a channel through which moves the Spirit of God.  It is this Spirit which changes people’s lives and hearts.

The anointing cannot be controlled.  God knows exactly what He wants to accomplish, and how to use each individual to His own purpose.  Our job is not to ask God for help in accomplishing what we want to do.  Our job is to connect with God in a way, that His purpose becomes our purpose.  His objectives become our objectives.  His message becomes our message.

Of course, this means we don’t always get to do what we want to do.  It means that there are times when our journey takes us through dry desert lands, and through the valley.  But there is a purpose.

The best illustration we have of how the anointing works through people’s lives is Jesus.  He emptied Himself of His ambition, His plans for life, His goals and desires, and took on Himself the role of a servant.  Why?  So, that the anointing of the Father might rest upon Him, and that He might fulfill the task He was called to do.

Besides drawing people to God, the anointing also has purpose in glorifying God.

So, the test is simple – does it draw people to God?  does it glorify God?  These are the marks of the anointing, not simply how good something sounds or appears.  In other words, just because it’s good doesn’t mean it’s anointed.

2 Responses to “Just Because It’s Good Doesn’t Mean It’s Anointed”

  1. Bea McGuire Says:

    Your writings are “anointed”! Thank you for this Word because it is so true today. I often ask myself in the day that we are living, “Where has the anointing gone?” Thanks Brother Chuck. As always, a Word in due season! Blessings…..

  2. Charlotte Says:

    Someone told me my singing was annointed .Now I understand it was and what it means.What a blessing to be used to glorify God and bless others. This helps me discover what my true purpose has been all along. I have been singing all my life my heavenly Father has placed the passion for singing inside me for his purpose( his purpose for me is my purpose) . I
    love Praising the Lord and drawing others close to him in return I receive a blessing as well although I don’t ask for it. Thanks for the insight. Feeling very happy today!

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