You Are No Dog

Judges chapter 7 is interesting is many ways.  It describes how Gideon led the children of Israel in defeating the Midianites.  The story starts off with the volunteers that Gideon gathered.  They numbered 32,000 men.  Quite a little army.  But, this was no ordinary battle.  It was not to be won by might or by number.  Gideon had to reduce the number to meet God’s requirement.

The first step was to determine how many of these men were afraid.  22,000 raised their hand, and were told to return home.  He now had 10,000 men who were not afraid to go into battle.  But, the number was still too high.

God instructed Gideon to lead the men down to the water and watch how they drank water.  9,700 men drank water like a dog would drink, getting down on their knees and bending over to lick it straight into their mouth, much as a dog would do.  300 men put their hand to the water and brought it to their mouth to drink.  Those 300 were the ones God chose to go into battle.

Needless to say, they won the battle against the Midianites, using just those 300 men.

This is a great testimony to the saving power of God and His ability to choose the men He wanted to go to battle.  But, is there more here than meets the eye?


What difference could it possibly make how a man drinks water?  Is there really a right way, or a wrong way.  I’m not sure it’s a matter of right and wrong, but I do believe there might be a difference.  The way that 9,700 men drank water, was exactly the same way animals drink water.  Of all the creatures on the planet only man uses his hands as a means of putting water to his mouth.  Only 300 men used their hands.

In our modern world evolution theory has attempted to remove God from the creation process, making man nothing more than a very intelligent animal who was created as a series of beneficial accidents.  I beg to differ, for no other creature was ‘made in the image of God‘.  By being made in the image of God man (I include all human beings, regardless of gender is this word) has been given preeminence over every animal in the world.  By being made in the image of God we are to act differently than the animal kingdom.  Yes, it may make a difference how we drink water.  By putting our hands to work, versus lapping like a dog, we are showing the superiority of the human race.  We are displaying our God-given image, the image that is made to look like God.  One of intelligence, control, and master over all things in the natural realm.  Not just a living creature, but something special, something unique, something of worth and value.


One Response to “You Are No Dog”

  1. Bea McGuire Says:

    Something to think about! Glad we aren’t dogs!! Excellent blog. Blessings…

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