Without Conflict There Can Be No Victory

Victory is sweet.  There’s probably not a person alive who wouldn’t vote for victory.  We welcome it.  We rejoice in it.  But, victory comes at a price.  It would be wonderful if victory just came into our life and dropped itself into our lap.  But, it doesn’t work that way.  Victory only comes after a conflict.

Let’s face it, no one wants conflict in their life.  We go out of our way to avoid it.  We will actually pay a ransom in order to prevent it.  But, whether we welcome it or not, everyone has their share of conflict.  Conflict can come in many forms.  It can be conflict with the Devil, who, by the way, contrary to some popular belief, is still alive and well.  It could be conflict with friends or loved ones.  It could be conflict caused by war or terrorists.  It could be conflict at work.  It could be conflict within our own soul.

Doesn’t sound very promising does it?  But, I have some good news for you, especially those of you who are called by God’s name.  You are designed and destined to be an overcomer.  To overcome conflict and achieve victory.  Is there still a price to be paid?  Yes, there often is.  Sometimes we achieve victory but show the marks, cuts, blood stains, and scars of the conflict.  But, it’s important to note that God does not allow conflict in your life in order for you to fail.  He wants you to succeed.  Can I prove that with scripture?  I think I can.

We all know about Peter walking on the water, and how once he got his eyes off Jesus he began to sink.  But, roll back just a minute.  Examine the conversation that occurred between Jesus and Peter.  Peter asks Jesus, “If it be you, Lord, then bid me come.”  Permission is asked.  Jesus could have very well have said, “No, Peter.  For if you come to me you will surely sink.”  That is not what the Lord said.  He said simply, “Come.”  This was permission granted.  Jesus would not have said, “Come” if it meant Peter would fall into the water.  No, by saying the simple word, “Come”, Jesus was actually saying, “Come on, Peter.  You can do this, and we will walk together where no man has ever walked before.”

Sometimes we have the wrong impression of God.  We sometimes think He is setting us up for a fall, when actually He is setting us up for Victory.  But, to achieve victory we must be willing to go through the conflict.

This year when the football season wraps up there will be two teams that will meet in the SuperBowl.  These two teams will have struggled all season, and met with conflict after conflict to reach this place.  And now the final conflict will be determined by this game.  No one walks away with a SuperBowl ring without first having been in the conflict.

So, remember my friend.  When conflict comes your way, which it will, know that God has set you up for Victory.  You may come out bloodied and scarred, but He wants you to win.


One Response to “Without Conflict There Can Be No Victory”

  1. Bea McGuire Says:

    Pastor and I have experienced conflict firsthand. I am so grateful to God that these past two years we have been able to walk in the victory but as you said, it come with a price! Thank you for reminding us that we are able to overcome though Him and walk in that victory! Blessings…

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