Congratulations! You’ve Been Criticized

You may have said to yourself or to someone else, “It seems the more I do, the more criticism I receive.”  Well, that’s actually a good thing, although it doesn’t always feel very good.  No one likes to be criticized, especially when they are doing the best they can.  But, consider this – at least you are doing something.  I’ve said this before, but it bears repeating, “It takes absolutely no skill, knowledge, education, or experience to be a critic.”  Everyone, regardless of qualification, can be a critic.

With that said, not everyone can do the things you are doing.  It is relatively easy to tell someone else how they should be doing something, or how to do it better.  It is a different thing, however, when the critic attempts to do it.

Now, let’s be honest.  It’s pretty hard not to be a critic.  After all, one doesn’t have to be a musician or singer to know when something sounds good or bad.  However, being critical doesn’t really solve anything, does it?

It may be best at this point to consult an expert on this subject – Jesus.  If anyone had a right to be critical it would be Him.  How would you feel if you created something, say a machine of some kind, and when inspecting it you found it not operating the way you designed it?  Or, using the same example, what would happen if you found the owner of the machine you designed using water instead of oil to lubricate it?  You might find yourself being a little annoyed and critical.  This is the position Jesus found Himself in when He was working His ministry 2,000 years ago.  Things were not going particularly well.  The people He had come to save, for the most part, didn’t want Him.  The disciples He was training didn’t understand most of what He did or said.  The ones He fed with bread and fish, just wanted to be kept fed and were looking for another free meal.

Although He certainly had every right to be critical, we do not have any recorded reference to it.  Yes, He did correct some, He rebuked others, He comforted still others, but you can’t really say he went on a criticizing binge.

“Why won’t these people listen to what I’m saying?”

“How many times do I have to tell this?”

“They are never going to understand”

It is interesting to ponder why He never became critical.  Is it, perhaps, because being critical doesn’t really accomplish anything?  Is it possible being critical tears down instead of builds up?

In short, it is ok to see something that isn’t being done correctly and be motivated to action.  It isn’t ok, if that only action is to be verbally critical, without offering to either do it yourself, or to help someone do it better, or to show them how they might do it better.  If the only action we are motivated to do is working our jaw muscles, we have missed the point entirely.

Now hold it…

If I have to put actions to my words and actually do something, that is work.  And if it is work, then I might get exhausted and tired.  And if I work and get exhausted and tired I won’t have any time left to be critical.  Uh, yes…  Any more questions?

So, if you are being criticized take comfort in knowing you must be doing something, which is typically more than the criticizer is doing.

One Response to “Congratulations! You’ve Been Criticized”

  1. Bea McGuire Says:

    This blog cannot say it any better! Loved it! Blessings…

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