Four Faces of Power

In this posting when I’m talking about power I’m not referring to electrical or mechanical power.  And I’m not talking about political or financial power.  I’m talking about ‘power’ in respect to the power an individual has to accomplish things.  In other words, the power that is associated with ability.

Within the range of the power or ability to accomplish things there are at least four faces (probably many more).  I will briefly describe each face gradually moving from least to greatest:

Power Face 1 – the power of self

Our own ability to accomplish things is a combination of many factors.  Our experience.  Our innate ability (God-given talents).  Our training or education.  Other factors also play apart including drive, ambition, confidence, and willingness to sacrifice.  But, there is only so much an individual by themselves can accomplish.

Power Face 2 – the power of self + help from others

There are times when our own efforts are simply not enough.  But, others can assist us to accomplish our tasks and meet our goals.  They can assist with encouragement, advice, or lending a helping hand.

Power Face 3 – the power of God’s Help

And then there are times when no human being can help us, and we need direct help from God.  This help can come in many forms – guidance, encouragement, and in the form of wisdom and knowledge.  God can also prepare our path and help us through our various situations and problems.

Power Face 4 – the power of God alone

And finally, there are times when our best efforts, and the best efforts of others, and even God’s help, is simply not enough.  We need God to intervene with supernatural power to deal with the issue or problem we face.  This is more than simply seeking God’s help.  This is an acknowledgement of our inability to do a task or fix a situation on our own.  What I’ve discovered is there are quite a few folks, many of whom are well-acquainted with God’s ways, who simply refuse to accept this face of power.  They view it as an admission of defeat or failure.  But, this is not always the case, and, in fact, may be the rare case.  This face of power is simply the acceptance and recognition there are some things only God can take care of.

Many years ago I was faced with a ‘Power Face 4′ type of situation.  I was out of work for an extended time, and unable to locate any work opportunities that fit my skill, experience, and income requirements.  Bills were stacking up, debt was mounting, and the outlook was very dim, indeed.  Friends could not help.  Family could not help.  And, I was unable to fix the situation myself.  I applied for every job opening I could find, but still no dice.  I had been praying for Gods’ help from day one, but nothing was happening.  One day, out of desperation, I changed my prayer.  I began praying something like this:  “Father, I don’t need a great big thing.  I’m not looking for you to do anything big or special for me.  In fact, all I need you to do is to move your little finger a bit, and I’ll know that my problem is fixed.”  This became my daily prayer.  It seems like a strange prayer, and one without much meaning, but I felt this in my soul and heart.  I knew God didn’t have to do anything BIG or SPECIAL.  No, all He had to do was to move His little finger and things would happen.  All God would have to say is ‘It is enough’, or ‘It is finished’, and my situation would change.  To my recollection, within one week of praying this prayer on a daily basis things changed.  God worked a miracle, and I’m convinced it didn’t take much more than His moving His little finger for things to change.

When we finally get tired of trying to solve everything ourselves we can learn there are some things God has reserved for Himself.  There are some situations only He can provide the answers to.  There are some things only He can work out.  When that happens then, and only then, we will discover the joys associated with Power Face 4.

One Response to “Four Faces of Power”

  1. Bea McGuire Says:

    This blog was a real blesssing to me today for I know someone who I need to share this with. It will be just what they need and a Word from the Lord. As always, thank you for the blessing that you constantly are through your inspired words of wisdom. Blessings…

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