No Reserves – No Retreats – No Regrets

Powerful words, with powerful meanings.  But, I didn’t come up with them.  They were written in William Borden’s Bible nearly 100 years ago.  Who is William Borden?  Well, he was the heir, in the early 1900’s, to the Borden milk fortune.  But, as William Borden entered college he found Jesus and committed himself to His service.  Around that time, he penned two words in his Bible – No Reserves.

William Borden didn’t give any meaning or explanation to these words so I’ll put my own.

No Reserves simply means there is nothing to fall back on.  William Borden penned these words when a family acquaintance heard of his conversion and desire to become a missionary, and commented, “Don’t do it.  You are throwing away your life and your future.”  In other words, your fortune and destiny with the family business.  But, No Reserves, must have meant there was nothing to fall back on.  Nothing to hold you up, but God.  No one to look out for your future, but God.

Sometime later William Borden penned two additional words beside the first ones – No Retreats.

There is no way back.  He was committed, and retreat was not an option.  He left fame, fortune, and the family business to purse a life certain to be filled with hardship and difficulty.  The path was forward, not backwards.

As he was making his way to China to serve as missionary, William Borden contracted a disease and was hospitalized.  During this time he penned two additional words in his Bible to go with the others – No Regrets.

William Borden never made it to the missionary field, but died at the age of 25 – totally committed, not looking back, and having no regrets for the choices he had made.

The fact his story still lives today, nearly 100 years later, is some testimony to his influence and commitment.  As long as his words remain, it will bring hope and refreshment to those who have made like commitments.

One Response to “No Reserves – No Retreats – No Regrets”

  1. Says:

    I never knew this story. How interesting and what a testimony he left! Blessings….

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