Amazing Lake in the Sky

Every once in awhile it is good to step back and take a fresh look at something that is considered to be trivial, but is really quite amazing.

Here in North Texas in the month of May 2015, we have been receiving more than our fair share of rain.  Of course, it is mostly welcomed as we have been in a drought for awhile.  The lakes and rivers are rising, and there is some flooding taking place, which is not pleasant.

It is not unusual for rain bursts to deliver 1 inch of rain or more in a single hour, to a widespread area.  In some cases, this area of rain spreads over most of North Texas.  For this posting I’m only considering the rain fall that delivers 1 inch of rain over an area of 60 miles square.  This is, a square piece of geography that has 60 miles on each side, which for Texas is almost considered a big ‘backyard’.

In North Texas we have may lakes, but for this exercise I’m interested in Lake Grapevine.  Lake Grapevine has a surface area 7,280 acres, which is pretty decent size.  Lake Grapevine on average contains 181,000 acre feet of water, which equates to roughly 58,979,031,000 gallons of water, or we might just shorten that to 58 billion gallons.

If we do some rough calculations on the rainfall of 1 inch over an area of 60 miles square, we come up with the startling result that this rain has delivered 62 billion gallons of water.  Hmmmmm… enough to fill Lake Grapevine with some room to spare.

How is this possible?  There is a virtual lake in the sky, held up by, yes, that’s right, nothing but a cloud vapor.  Of course, we have been well-acquainted with rain since we were children so why all of the hoopla over a few drops of rain?  Because it is actually a most amazing miracle God has created in order to keep things going on this earth.  Let me take this a small step further.  If you were designing things, how would you deliver 62 billion gallons of water in 1 hour?  And what kind of mechanism would be required to deliver this amount of water in an hour?  And what provision would you make to ensure minimum impact to the area receiving the water, and that wildlife would not be harmed or destroyed?  Just how would you do it?  That’s right, you can’t.  There is not a method known to man that will accomplish this seemingly insignificant feat, which God does on a regular basis.

Now, of course, the evolutionists don’t really believe God had a hand in any of this, and that nature somehow figured it all out by itself.  But, may I tell you, it didn’t just happen, but someone figured it out, and designed it to work a certain way, and it has been working that way for thousands of years, without any help from man.

So, the next time you see rain, maybe you will take a moment to ponder this seemingly trivial event and begin to understand that there is a lake in the sky, and stand in awe at the design and handiwork of God.


One Response to “Amazing Lake in the Sky”

  1. Says:

    I ALWAYS learn so much from all of your posts! This post I will forever remember, especially the next time I see rain. What an awesome illustration. Sure gave me a lot to think about. Simple but powerful! You have such a special gift! Thank you for using it to bless others!

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