A Place For Denial and Procrastination

In most cases we find a single bucket to place our definitions into.  Some of these are good things, while others are bad things.  A couple of items that have mostly gotten a bad rap over time are denial and procrastination.  But, there is a positive place for these two terms, too.  A place where they can shine, and yield positive results.

Let’s take them one at a time…

Denial – now there’s a term that’s bad all the way.  Or at least we think it is.  Or, we’ve been told it is.  But, there is a good place for denial.  My wife and I have been married 41 years this July.  While it has not always been fun and games, and we have cried some, as well as laugh, and endured sad times, as well as good I cannot recall one time I was done wrong by my wife.  As incredible as that may sound, it is actually true.  Why?  Because I have placed whatever infractions may have occurred, whatever slights may have been done, whatever disagreements may have arisen, whatever hurts may have been caused — into my Denial bucket.  In this sense, denial is not exactly the same as forgetfulness, but it may be its cousin.  Let me go as far as to say this, if one takes count of the times one has been slighted, hurt, etc…. in a relationship you might as well call that relationship finished and save everyone the anguish and pain that ultimately will follow.  Denial causes one to put aside those things that are hurtful and instead focus on the 99.99% of other things that are positive and good.

Procrastination – now there’s another bad apple.  Not much good we can say about procrastination.  But, there is a time and place for procrastination, and one that is good.  When you are thinking about doing evil, doing hurt, or contemplating revenge, or dreaming up wicked schemes, one piece of advice – procrastinate on that.  That’s right – put it off.  Promise yourself you will do it tomorrow, and then when the time comes, procrastinate some more.  When you are in a hurry to do evil, slow down, and better yet, procrastinate on that.  And there is further good news.  It’s not as if you have to learn a new thing, as most people are well acquainted with procrastination.  We just need to learn to apply it to the right things.

Now, this makes me feel a lot better.  And I’m sure the agents for Denial and Procrastinate are rejoicing I have found a positive placement for their clients who have been so badly misaligned in human history.  There can be little doubt they have taken a bad rap, and all because no one could find any positive applications where their talents could shine and be recognized.  Fear no more, we have found a proper place for both denial and procrastination.


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