When God Hears Your Ringtone

It is true God blesses everyone.  The good and the bad.  No, it is not equal, and it is not fair, but no one ever said it was.  Although, there are some who think God doesn’t hear all prayers, I think He does.  He doesn’t always answer prayers in the way we might want or hope, or even in the way we can understand it.

God is merciful to all people, all nationalities, of all beliefs.  Some hate God, and some love Him.  Some serve Him, and some serve against Him.

Sometimes I imagine God with a giant switchboard, taking and receiving calls all day, and all night, too.  Calls for help, calls for assistance, calls for blessings, calls for deliverance.  Lots and lots of calls are always coming into the switchboard.  And to some degree the ring of these calls may sound the same.  Some calls are complaining about the service they are receiving, and some are whining about the cards they have been dealt in life.

But, once in awhile, if one listens very carefully, you will hear the distinctive sound of a ringtone.  It’s different from all the rest.  Now a little diversion while I do some explaining to the 2 or 3 of you who may not know what a ringtone is.  In this modern age of cellphones you can assign a different ringtone to each individual on your call list.  This way you can know instantly who is calling.  Some clever folks even assign ringtones that show the caller’s character, hmmmm, how amusing.

But, back to the ringtone God receives.  This is no ordinary call, this is special.  It’s not even limited to emergency calls, although God receives plenty of those, too.  No, this caller is special for they have reached through the ordinary barrier and have reached the heart of God.

Now, is this true?

While some may argue it is pure fantasy or speculation to think this way, I do have some scriptures that seem to support this view.  When Jesus was into His three and one-half year ministry on this earth, who was it that got His attention?  Was it not, in most cases, those who pushed beyond the ordinary, and reached His heart?  What about the man who was lowered through the roof?  What about the blind man beside the road who would not be silenced?  What about the thief on the cross, who uttered, “… remember me”?  What about the women who was denied a healing for her daughter for Jesus had said, “It is not meet to give the bread to dogs”, but she replied, “Yes, but even the dogs eat the crumbs that fall from the Master’s table”?  What about the woman who had the issue of blood, who pushed pass the crowd to touch the hem of His garment?  Yes, the scriptures are full of instances of individuals ringing God’s phone with their own distinctive ringtone.

Can anyone reach God with their ringtone?

Yes, but in all these cases, there were at least two required elements:

  1. Faith – unbelievers, doubters, skeptics, scorners, scoffers, need not apply
  2. Effort – something was required from each individual.  In many cases, they had to go beyond the ordinary in order to get the attention of Jesus.

Sincerity is important.  Persistence is important.  Patience is important.  But, faith and effort may trump them all.

God doesn’t care what you look like, what you have done, where you have been, what is in your history, or what is in your future.  These things don’t hinder His ability to deal with you one-on-one.  He has no cultural, language, or national barriers.  He doesn’t care if you are rich or poor.  It doesn’t even matter whether you are intelligent or challenged.  Your prayer doesn’t have to be eloquent or rehearsed.

But be prepared…

Ringing God on your own private line using your own special ringtone is only the beginning.  Because when you are through there might be a few things He’d like to say to you.  That’s right, other gods may not talk back, but this one does.

How long has it been since God has heard your ringtone?

One Response to “When God Hears Your Ringtone”

  1. beamcguire@gmail.com Says:

    I loved this blog. I don’t think I will ever pray again without thinking about this when I get down on my knees to call on Him. Excellent! I sure hope He knows my ringtone! Blessings…..

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