People imagine all kinds of relationships with God.  Some, indeed, are rather bizarre, and make me scratch my head.  If I had to guess, though, I think the most common view of God is one of grandfatherly figure sitting on the throne with a long white beard with everything and everyone acting as His servant or slave.  This is not as strange as it may seem, as God does, indeed, have all power, over life, death and everything in between.

But, for the Christian the relationship should reach a different dimension.  We are not masters, but we are not slaves, either.  In fact we are co-workers or partners with God.

Now let me divert a few moments and talk about something a little different, but certainly related.  That is, the Plan.  In order for our lives to have much meaning there has to be a plan.  For many people they already have a plan.  They have a plan for their family, for their children, for their career, and for their finances.  They have plans for where they might live, what business they may want to start, what vacations they want to go on.  To those folks, God is simply a means of making their plans, hopes, and dreams a reality.  All they really need is a little help from God.  How sad…

How is it sad?  Does it mean the plans are bad or no good?  No, not at all.  It simply means they are your plans, not necessarily God’s plans.  You see God has plans for you, too.  He has things He would like for you to accomplish, things to learn, and things to do.  He has mountains for you to climb, rivers to navigate, and storms to weather.  And, His plans are far greater than any plans we might have.

So, am I to give up everything I want and need in order to accomplish God’s plan for my life?  Not necessarily, but some things may change.

Rather than viewing it as giving up your life, or the things you want or desire, it might help to simply think of it as a partnership.  It is a partnership with the goal of achieving God’s predetermined plan for your life.  That’s right predetermined.  Not predestinated, but predetermined.  In short, God knew what He had planned for you even before you were born into this world.  Sadly, many never achieve the objectives and plans God has set in order for them.

When Paul said he had run his race and had finished his course, what does that mean?  It simply means, “I have fulfilled the plans God had for my life.”

But, the plans God has for you are not simply plans drawn up by the master and to be followed by the servant or slave.  No, rather, we are partners in achieving the plans He has for us.

Will it be easy?  Not always.  Will it always be fun? No.  Will it be without pain and suffering?  Sometimes.  But, it will be the best possible life you can achieve on this earth.  Head and shoulders above wealth.  Above fame and importance.  Above all things we might imagine or think.

What does it mean to have God as a partner in your life’s plan?

Let’s review just a few things it means to have God as a partner:

  1. He has unlimited resources… He will make a way
  2. It is His plan, therefore, if there are problems, they are His problems, too
  3. While His plan is not always what we might like to do, it will always be the best possible life plan tailored just for us
  4. It doesn’t matter what anyone else is doing, saying, or thinking about you.  It only matters if God is your partner…
  5. There are great rewards to having God as your partner, and only some of them revealed in this earthly life

So, next time you are wondering why God doesn’t do this, and doesn’t do that, just remember you are in partnership with God.  Being partners means being able to go to your Heavenly Father and say, “I need some help”

One Response to “Partners”

  1. Says:

    It’s to bad that even though we know He has a plan for us when we are young, it takes years of experience to fully understand that plan! When we look back it’s like reading a book and we then realize the outcome is the right one because He had the blueprint all along! I have come to realize His plan for my life but it sure took me years to understand it and see it coming to pass! Blessings…

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