The Umbrella

As I’ve made over 400 posts, it is likely at some point I’ll begin to repeat myself.  So, if you have already heard this, read this, or seen it posted elsewhere in my postings, just grin, and act like it’s the first time you’ve heard or read it.

As parents it is necessary we provide an ‘umbrella’ for our children to grow up under.  We cannot protect them from everything in life, but we can do what is within our power, ability, and means to put whatever umbrella we can over them so that the ‘rain of life’ may not get them soaked or discouraged.

But, as a man, my umbrella may have to be a bit bigger.  Now this is totally not politically correct (PC) these days, but I’ll say it anyway.  As a man it is my responsibility to expand the borders of my umbrella so I can provide some protection for my wife.  As with my children, I cannot protect her from everything that comes her way, but I do what I can to prevent her from getting soaked from the ‘rain of life’.

But, even my umbrella is not strong enough or big enough to protect those I love, or even myself, from the storms that come our way.  There are times when my flimsy umbrella turns itself inside-out and blows away in the gusts.  Then, I look up, because there is someone holding an umbrella over me.  He has been there all the time, even when I thought I was by myself and bearing the burden alone.  He was holding an umbrella up for me that cannot be blown away or destroyed.  One that cannot be turned inside-out.

For, if truth be told, I would have already been destroyed and swept away had it not been for that umbrella protecting me, watching out over me.  It was that umbrella that gave me the strength to hold up my own umbrella and provide for those I love.  His provision for me is what made it possible for me to provide for others.

It is not necessary for you to go it alone in this life.  Why would we want to do that, when His umbrella is more than sufficient, not only for this life, but the life to come?

One Response to “The Umbrella”

  1. Says:

    Such good food for thought. I constantly pray an “umbrella of protection” over my family daily. And yes, I’m glad we are under His umbrella! Blessings…..

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