Unwritten Laws

There a number of laws revealed in scripture that are not actually spelled out or listed in order, but are nonetheless laws just as sure as the Ten Commandments are laws.  Many Christians either don’t know about these laws, misunderstand these laws, or simply don’t care.  But, as with legal laws ignorance of the law does not offer sufficient justification for breaking them.

Who really knows how many laws there are?  I certainly don’t, but I have discovered a few that I will list in this blog.  I view these laws as unbreakable, and although they may be twisted or misunderstood, or misapplied, they still hold true.

Let’s look at a few….

Law 1 – God requires effort

While God may gift you with things, and do things for you, for the most part His provisions require us to put forth an effort to receive the results we desire.  This effort could be called labor.  We are not talking about relaxed playtime here, but real sweat and tears labor.  Hard, but not impossible.  Challenging, but always rewarding.  Many Christians misunderstand God’s provision in this area and want God to hand their blessings to them on a silver platter, with nice shiny ribbons attached.  While God does give gifts, for the most part He makes it possible for us to succeed in our own efforts.

Law 2 – Failure is a deceiver

We look at much of life as either a success or as a failure.  While this makes a nicely wrapped package, it doesn’t really fit into God’s view of the world, or of us, His children.  We often don’t fully understand what the term failure actually means.  I like to use the illustration of the annual Super Bowl as a means of explaining why our definition of failure is most always wrong.  During Super Bowl one team will emerge as the winner, and the other team as the loser.  One team succeeds, and one team fails.  But, wait just a minute.  Aren’t these two teams the ones who have been the most successful throughout the entire season?  Aren’t these two teams (most of the time) representative of the best of the season?  Then how can we say, with any justification, the team who finishes second is a losing team?  But, let’s face it, that is exactly what we think, and it is why our view of what makes success and what makes failure is mostly wrong.  You see, both success and failure are good at deception.  They pretend to be something they are not.  And because they are good at deception we do ourselves damage, by not having a better understanding of these terms.

Let’s keep this short.  Good, honest, effort can never fail, regardless of the outcome, or appearance.  This means that the actual objective is not nearly as important as the effort and intent that went into the attempt.  There is more I have to say on this topic, but I don’t want this posting to turn into 10 pages, so we will let you think about this, and, perhaps, we will revisit it someday.

Law 3 – Repentance is the hallmark of every mature Christian

I know – repentance signifies sin, and as Christians no one sins anymore.  But, if we want to ‘get real’ and truly examine our lives with God’s magnifying glass, I think we might find a few ‘chinks in the armor’, that we thought was perfect.  I know this comes a shock to many, who thought themselves perfect, but even though we are being perfected, we haven’t yet reached the ultimate goal, which is why we are still alive on this planet.  Hence, the ones who are wise find that repentance can heal many a wound, and rather than waiting until we are on death’s door to repent, we do it early and often.  There is no embarrassment, no shame, no humiliation in true repentance.  It is a recognition of our human existence, and the need for a Savior, who has made a provision for our faults.

Law 4 – There is always something to do

While some may enjoy retirement, and others may not be able to work because of health, there is always something to do with regards to the Kingdom.  There is no retirement from God’s work, until He sees fit to call us home, which simply means, ‘there is always something to do’, and our challenge is to find that something.

Law 5 – Pulling someone else down, is not my way of going up

It is becoming more and more common to find people scratching and clawing their way to their goal, pushing others aside, and even attempting to use them as our ladder to success.  When, really, the objective should be to reach your goal, but take as many people with you as possible on your way up.  This way, everyone wins.  You win, and those you have helped win also.  It has been quoted, “There is no limit to what an individual may achieve, if they don’t care who gets the credit.”  While this is hard, and goes against our nature, there is much truth in that simple statement.  Helping others to achieve their goals, can actually help you achieve your goal.  This is the premise for everything I do in business, and it has thus far proved to be reliable.  I win when my clients win, and I succeed when they succeed, therefore, my ultimate job is help make them successful.  That theory does seem a far reach from the more common concept of “pay me my money, and I’ll do what you ask.”  But, do you think my theory is foolish?

Law 6 – You do, ultimately, get out what you put in

The problem we have with the law of sowing and reaping, is the delay involved between the sowing part and the reaping part.  Because of the delay we sometimes don’t think this law works, or that it only seems to work part of the time.  But, I dare say, it works all the time.  While there are variations in the amounts, and in the types of rewards we reap, there can be no doubt you will get out, proportionally, what you put in.  If all you put in is hatred, or gripes and complaints, then what would you expect to get out – love and kindness?  While there are times when it appears that things are reversed, and the reaping is not working, it is only an illusion, and the real harvest hasn’t come in yet.

We also get confused because our accounting is incorrect.  Not all accounts will be settled here.  Some accounts will be settled in heaven, so it is a bit premature to try and add up any of the accounts before then.

One Response to “Unwritten Laws”

  1. Bea McGuire Says:

    This is an excellent blog and I think it covers it all! Lots of food for thought here! Blessings…..

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