The Second Creation

Disclaimer – I cannot prove the items and theories proposed in this posting.  I only present them as possibilities and as interesting twists to what we commonly know, or think we know.  Incidentally, the points presented here are not entirely my own, as many theologians also hold to the general principles outlined here.  However, I do take credit for the overall presentation and expansion on these thoughts.  Also, please note, I use the term ‘man’ many times, which does not refer to just the male gender, but, as in many places in the Bible, includes man and woman.

In the first chapter of Genesis we have an interesting account given of the creation of our world, including the universe, stars, planets, and life, itself, in the form of plants, animals and man.  Not everyone believes this account, and there are some who believe it is a mere representation of the events associated with creation, and shouldn’t be taken literally.  Personally, I believe that not only are the events factual, but the sequence and relevant facts revealed in the first chapter of Genesis actually happened, exactly as they are described.

But, even though I believe in the literal interpretation of the first chapter of Genesis, I do think it holds some mysteries, which I want to talk about.

The focus of attention for this posting is what occurred between verses 1 and verse 2.  For clarification I’ve presented these two verses as they exist in the King James Version (KJV) of the Bible:

In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth.

And the earth was without form, and void; and darkness was upon the face of the deep. And the Spirit of God moved upon the face of the waters.

The mystery for me, and some theologians, is that the terms described in verse 2 are in seeming contradiction with the character of God as described in the remaining portion of the Bible.  Verse 1 depicts the creation of the universe and planet earth as we know it.  Verse 2, however, depicts a situation where confusion, chaos, and lack of rules or laws exist.  The problem that theologians have is there is no indication in all of scripture where God is the author of confusion, chaos, and lawlessness, except here.

There must be a reason for this discrepancy.

The reason most commonly applied, and one which I also believe, is that something significant happened between verses 1 and 2 of Genesis chapter one.  Something that was not good.  Many believe that the original creation was marred, torn apart, twisted and shredded, by Satan, himself.  Hence, the resulting state, illustrated in verse 2, where chaos and confusion and darkness prevailed.

But, it was not a state that would last or become the final result.  There would be a ‘second creation’ or second creative act, that would sort out the chaos and confusion and bring order, once again, to the original creation.

So, what we see in the succeeding verses in Genesis 1 is a basic reconstruction, and application of laws that would rule and order the universe and everything in it.  There are entirely creative elements in it as well, as we see with the creation of plants, animals, and man.  But, much of the verses in the first chapter of Genesis deals with establishing order and setting of boundaries.  We might even say this forms the beginning of the natural laws which still exist today.  Laws such as law of gravity, the laws governing light, heat, and the laws of nature, of reproduction, and all the things necessary for sustaining life on this planet.

We see the setting of boundaries between light and darkness, which govern not only the physical, but also the spiritual.  For, in a cursory study of Genesis 1 you will quickly discover that light was created in advance of the stars and sun, which leads us to ask, “What was that light?”.  Yes, it is the light of God, Himself, which dispels the darkness described in verse 2.  Not only would God divide the light from the darkness and set boundaries, but He would forever establish and reaffirm the laws that govern their boundaries, determining how far they could go, and beyond which they could not extend.

We see that God foresaw that while there was day and night, there was still a need to provide some light even during periods of darkness, hence the moon and stars were created as God’s great night-light.  This ensures that even during times of darkness there is still light.

In order to understand this, one must understand that the scene depicted in verse 2 is a universe with no laws whatsoever.  The laws of physics, gravity, etc… do not exist.  The laws governing the properties of light and darkness do not exist.  The succeeding verses establish the necessary boundaries required to turn chaos into order once again.  A universe that abides by a set of laws that prevents and prohibits the state of total confusion and chaos.  One that has order and boundaries.

In this first chapter we see the boundaries established between light and dark, between our atmosphere and outer space, between land and sea, which implies the laws that govern gravity, and the natural flow of oceans, rivers, and streams.  We see God’s hands and words forming and shaping the elements.  And, finally (also in chapter two), we see God creating man from the dust of the earth, from the base elements that make up the earth.  Adam, however, is still a lifeless form.  He has a body designed by God, but there is no life until God breathes into his nostrils, and man becomes a living soul.

I understand that many people do not accept this version of creation, and they believe these chapters represent a fairy tale, or story, but not actual fact.  But, I believe it happened exactly as described, which also implies that man did not extend from ape, or from anything crawling from the ocean, which evolved over millions of years to finally become a human being.  It means he was formed at one time, by the hand of God, Himself.

We cannot be certain about the actual steps in the creative process beyond what is represented here.  And, there are, indeed, many questions left unanswered.  But, what is made clear in chapter one of Genesis, is that God played an active part in the creation of the universe, and all that exists within it, including the natural and spiritual laws that govern and order it.

Something to think about…

One Response to “The Second Creation”

  1. Bea McGuire Says:

    Very interesting blog! It DID give me lots to think about. Most interesting was the time between verse one and two. I’ve never thought of that! Deep stuff! As always, thank you for the blessing you are and continue to be.

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