You Will Never Be King

The Bible is full of stories, but not really stories in the sense of fairy tales or fantasies.  These are true stories that happened to real people, and real events that occurred in olden times.  There are morals to be gained from these stories, for sure, but they are not written for their moral value, or so you can feel good or entertained.

Such is the story we have of the relationship between King Saul, his son Jonathan, and David.  This is a complex relationship with many factors, but I’m only going to focus on a few.  We know that Jonathan and David were kindred spirits.  They were as close as brothers.  They tried to help each other.

King Saul, on the other hand, hated David, and tried on many occasions to kill him.  The reasons for his hatred are complex, too.  Of course, there was jealousy and envy, but I won’t focus on those in this posting.  No, I will focus only on the blood relationship between King Saul and his son, Jonathan.

In most cases, we know that ‘blood’ trumps everything else, including reason and good judgment.  When it comes right down to it we will always put more weight behind ‘blood’ than most anything else.  But, is that really smart?  Is that always the right choice?

In the case of King Saul, the scripture tells us that he told Jonathan, “You will never be King as long as David is alive.” (my paraphrase).  In other words, one of the reasons, not often talked about, that Saul was trying to have David killed, was that he feared for his son, and his son’s future.  King Saul naturally wanted Jonathan to be next to the throne, but with David around that ascension was brought into question.  For even Jonathan knew that David was destined to become King, and did everything he could to make that happen, including removing his own royal robe of a Prince, and placing it on David.

Now it is hard to fault King Saul for his decision, as he was following the ‘blood is thicker than water’ reasoning.  But, I’ve written this posting to illustrate a little known fact – what we think is right is sometimes wrong.

While it may have not been wrong for King Saul to want to protect his son, and to try and obtain a good future for him, it was wrong to go against the plan of God, and to promote blood over what God had determined would happen.  For we know that Saul had angered and disappointed God.  So much so, that God said his kingdom would not extend into the future.  God would find another man, and another blood line to take the kingdom forward.  Saul’s great mistake was trying to change the decision of God, so that his own purposes could be fulfilled.  He hoped he could accomplish that objective by killing David, and pushing Jonathan to the throne.

It is good for us to remember, from time to time, that we need to think about our motives and why we do the things we do.  While they may seem right, they could also be wrong.  We certainly don’t want to fall into the trap as King Saul did.

One Response to “You Will Never Be King”

  1. Says:

    I just read all about this last week! David is my favorite character in the Bible. This was such an interesting blog! Great food for thought! Blessings…

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