Being a Winner

Everyone knows what a winner is.  Or, at least, we think we know what a winner is.  It is someone who is the best, who has achieved what no one else has, or someone who has bested all competitors.

But, that definition, while fine for sporting events, does not really work in many situations in life.  Thus, many folks feel like losers when they are really winners.

Let me illustrate…

The 100 yard dash for high school seniors is underway, and they are turning in some fabulous scores.  Everyone is doing well, and the winner walks away with a ribbon, and a certificate showing they were the best at 11.5 seconds.  But, when the crowds slip away, and there is only one family left on the field you can see a young man take to the track.  He’s running, too.  His parents shout, “Go”, and off he goes.  They clock him in at 34 seconds, but he is a winner, too.  For this young man has lost his legs in a terrible accident, and must run on artificial limbs.  He was once a prize-winning runner for his team, but the accident has deprived him from competition, and even though he cannot compete with the others, few would doubt he is still a winner.

Yes, being a winner is a bit more than simply winning a competition.  In fact, being a winner may have nothing to do with winning a trophy, ribbon, or certificate.  Being a winner may have nothing to do with competition at all.  Being a winner is more of an attitude than anything else.

David is young, and as a warrior he is yet inexperienced.  Most do not see him as a competitor to Goliath, who is a giant standing around 9 feet tall.  Goliath is a man of war and has been engaged in combat many times.  But, David is a winner.  Hold it, he hasn’t fought yet, how can he be a winner?  Because of his attitude.  Out of the entire army of Israel there is no one who is brave enough to fight the giant.  For 40 days the challenge is laid out, and for 40 days no one picks it up.  They are afraid.  But, David appears on the scene, and there is finally someone who is not afraid.  David is not going to fight the giant so he can be a martyr.  No, he is going to fight the giant because he knows he can win.

Being a winner may involve other things.  The person who is trying to quit smoking, is a winner if they can go 24 hours without a cigarette.  The person who is addicted to drugs, is a winner if they can tell themselves, “No”.  The person with cancer is a winner if they can battle one more day.

We need to adjust our definition of what we think a winner is, for the truth is, we meet winners every day, probably without recognizing it.  That lady, who checked you out at Wal-Mart this morning, is a winner because she is working two jobs in order to put her son through medical school.  Yes, a winner.

But, one doesn’t become a winner just by wishing it so.  You must set realistic goals for yourself.  It might be nice to scale Mount Everest, but shouldn’t you first learn how to climb mountains in your own state or country, first?  Wouldn’t it be nice to be a millionaire in business?  Yes, but if you can’t handle $2,000 what makes you think you could handle $1,000,000?  Being a winner is about setting realistic goals and achieving those goals, then moving on to other goals.  Sometimes, it is not about besting anyone, but besting yourself.

Winning is more about attitude, than most anything else.  With the right attitude, how can one be a loser?

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  1. Says:

    Such a great blog! There is a lot of “meat” in this writing! I won’t forget this one. As always, thank you for the blessing and inspiration you are to me and others!

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