Win – Win

I’ve spent a little time writing about winning and winners, but haven’t said much about ‘how to win’.

Let’s name a few ways that people find to win:

  • Win by eliminating competition, either fairly or unfairly
  • Win by forcing others to lose
  • Win by fear or intimidation
  • Win alone by being the best

But, there is another way, which I simply call the win-win.  The win-win is pretty simple and goes something like this:

“When I win, I want to take as many people with me as possible, so that they win, too”

In sales the win-win is where both the seller and the buyer receive benefit from the transaction.  The win-win is seen as the ultimate sales transaction, as it fosters a positive relationship that can result in additional benefits to both parties.

But, the win-win has application beyond sales.  It could apply to life and life situations, too.  We so often think of winning as being a solo experience, and with only one winner and many losers.  Sadly, that is too narrow.  We must find ways to broaden our outlook, and realize it may be possible for us to win, and to take others with us to the victory stand.

Of course, the win-win may require a little creative thinking and planning on our part.  And, it may require additional effort, but won’t the benefits be worth it?

Most performers have learned this concept well.  Performers that are only in the game for fame and money have missed the point.  The audience can provide much more than simply money or fame.  They provide positive, interactive, feedback and acceptance.  They provide approval, and great performers have learned this.  Put on a good show, and the crowd will love you for it.

So, the challenge is to find ways that when you win, others can win, too.  When you achieve, others achieve, too.  When you prosper, others prosper, too.  When you blaze a new path that brings positive results, you can find a way to open that path for others, so they, too, can achieve positive results.

In short, it’s not just about you.  It’s how you can be successful and help others to be successful.

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  1. Says:

    I think this blog offers the perfect solution on “winning”! Wise words here! Blessings!

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