Explorer’s Group

This blog is named, “Explorer’s Group”.  I thought I would take a few moments to explain what it’s about, and what it isn’t.

I created the Explorer’s Group as an attempt to raise awareness, and get people to thinking about God – how and why He deals with us, how does His Word fit those areas of life where we have few answers, and to explore those areas that are considered too dangerous to discuss in Sunday School or from the pulpit.  As such, I’ve used many illustrations, stories, and my own experiences, and the experiences of others to try and stimulate thought.

Explorer’s Group is not so much about providing answers, as it is about getting people to think.  Why is thinking so important?  Maybe it’s because in our day and time we do so little of it.  Computers, social media, smartphones, in every phase of our life have relieved us of the necessity of thinking for ourselves.  So much so, that often the store clerk is unable to give proper change if the computer doesn’t first tell them how much to give back.

Thinking is important.  Thomas Edison was recorded as saying, “There is no expedient a man will not resort to, to avoid the real labor of thinking.”  Well, maybe there’s the answer.  Thinking is sometimes hard, requiring labor.

So, in an attempt to make the thought process easier I present stories and illustrations that hopefully make the process of thinking more fun.

What the Explorer’s Group is not.

I don’t have all the answers, so the Explorer’s Group does not provide answers.  It, however, encourages the reader to find answers for themselves.

The Explorer’s Group is not a philosophy lesson, although there may be some philosophy involved.  Philosophy is not God’s Word, however, and should never be confused with providing answers to our complex problems.  Philosophy is man’s attempt to explain the unexplainable, a way to connect the disassociated dots of our life and make sense of them.  As good as philosophy sounds, however, it is sometimes dead wrong, and contradictory to God’s Word, so caution is advised in the use of philosophy.

The Explorer’s Group is not a lesson or morals teacher.  It is not a Bible study.  It is not a history lesson or biography, although I do recount much of my life experience in it.

What Now?

Now that I’ve briefly described what this blog is about, you might want to take a glance at the 400+ short stories that have been written over the past 7 years, and see if there isn’t some subject that peaks your interest.  You may not agree with the author on all points, but to disagree will require you to think, so be forewarned.  For the most part, the earlier postings are illustrative life-stories that highlight one or two points.  The later postings deal more with issues about Christian living, and Bible topics.

So, dig in and have yourself a ball.  It only requires a little thinking…

One Response to “Explorer’s Group”

  1. beamcguire@gmail.com Says:

    I love this! You are unique! I love all your blogs and they speak to my heart. Great lessons are learned from reading them…things that I do not forget! Thank you for sharing what Explorer’s Blog is and is not. I look forward to all your blogs! Blessings and keep on writing………… I’ll be thinking!! 🙂

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