Where Does it Come From?

For the most part children do not give much thought to where things come from?  They are just there.  As I was getting ready to leave home at the tender age of 17, I had things well under control.  My Dad said a few things to me, and one thing he said I’ve forgotten about all these years, but it has come back to me.  He said, “Son, it’s not just paying the rent, it is paying for toothpaste, toilet paper, detergent, cleaning products, combs, brushes, pencils, paper, and a thousand other things.”  Of course, I didn’t pay much attention.  What 17 year old does?

But, while children are not expected to understand where things come from, we would expect a bit more from adults.  And while we do have a better understanding of things such as toothpaste and other things, we still miss out on a large portion, and are largely clueless about where things come from.  For, not only the things we see and know about are blessings to us, but there are things that are not seen, and things we don’t know about.

You went to the store today, bought a few things, waded through traffic and made your way home.  Nothing exciting, same old thing.  But, what you didn’t know is that you were only seconds away from an accident that could have taken your life, but God intervened and saved you from it.  Of course, you will say, that is absurd, and there is no way of knowing that could have happened.  That’s right, there is no way of knowing, but either God is real and is involved with people’s lives, or He is not.  If He is involved then the prayers we utter for people’s safety come into play.

What about the night a person who passed you on a dimly lit street was intent on robbing and killing someone.  But, he didn’t, and you didn’t know about it.  In fact, you were completely unaware.

A few years back I had to change my job course and become a contractor.  No longer an employee, I did not have any security, no paid vacation, no benefits.  As I struggled with this adjustment in my life, I found myself complaining to God.  My complaint went something like this, “God, I at least had some security when I was an employee, and now I have none.”   To which God replied to me, “Well, so you thought you had security when you were an employee?  What about the three times management considered firing you, but didn’t?  You didn’t know about that, did you?”  And then it became clear – I thought I had security, but really the only security I had was God was looking out for me.

Maybe that’s what the Psalmist meant when he said,

“Except the Lord build the house, they labour in vain that build it: except the Lord keep the city, the watchman waketh but in vain.”

So, there is God’s protection.  But, what about the provisions?  How many provisions have come our way that God was involved in, but we didn’t know it?  How many things have we received from the hand of God, but didn’t recognize where it came from?  How many times has God spared us, and yet, we are completely unaware?  How many times has He delivered us, without our knowledge, and without credit?

If you were God, how would you feel?  Would you feel as if you had raised ungrateful children, who never recognize their protector and provider?

Every good gift comes from above, from the Father of Lights….  something to think about…

One Response to “Where Does it Come From?”

  1. beamcguire@gmail.com Says:

    Loved this blog! It was a great reminder of the goodness of God and the things that we do take for granted. Thanks for reminding us that once again God has been merciful and given us a brand new day. I am thankful this morning! Blessings….

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