Has Anyone Seen My Blessing?

Many times we know the scriptures, but do we really know or engage with the knowledge hidden there?  I’m not talking about the Greek or Hebrew translations, or the commentaries.  I’m talking about the things that are in plain sight, but we never noticed them before.

Take the beatitudes.  These come from Jesus’ Sermon on the Mount given most clearly in Matthew.  In these instructions Jesus gives a number of things from which a person might be blessed.  But, have you ever asked the question, “I’ve done these things, but where is my blessing?”

That is a good question, because sometimes we don’t always see or experience a blessing while performing these tasks.  But, either Jesus was the Son of God, or He was not.  If He wasn’t the Son of God, then we all might as well go home, as there is little hope for any of us.  However, if He is the Son of God then His Word will not return void.

There are actually three things (and there might be many more) I can think of that explain why we don’t always see a blessing for doing the beatitudes:

  1. We didn’t follow the rules.  Most, if not all, blessings from God are conditional.  That is, they require us to do things exactly as instructed.  Not how we want them done, and not when we want to do them, but exactly as instructed.  If we fail in this, then no blessing.
  2. We don’t see a blessing, but the blessing is there, nonetheless.  When Abraham is blessed by God, we do not actually see the blessing, but it is there.  When David is anointed by Samuel to be King, we don’t actually see the fulfillment until many years later, but the blessing is there.
  3. The blessing is yet to come.  It may come in this life, or in the life to come.  We sometimes forget that many of God’s blessings await our arrival in heaven.  Not everything He has promised us is to manifest itself in this life.  Remember Lazarus and the rich man.  The rich man received his blessing here in this life, but Lazarus received his blessing in heaven, after this life.

So, don’t fret, your blessing is secure.

One Response to “Has Anyone Seen My Blessing?”

  1. beamcguire@gmail.com Says:

    This is so true and many times it’s just so easy to stay focused on the things that we “see” and not the promises. Great blog and great reminder! Blessings….

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