Where Will You Go?

In John the 6th chapter Jesus gave some instructions to the crowds following Him that were so difficult to understand that they simply walked away.  Earlier in that same chapter Jesus fed 5,000 men (not including women and children).  So many walked away that Jesus turned to his twelve disciples and asked them, “Will ye also go away?”

A very telling question, and underlines the sense of frustration Jesus must have felt because the crowds could not receive His instructions about spiritual things.  It was simply too hard.  Jesus talked about giving His flesh to eat and His blood to drink, and it was beyond their capacity to take it in.

Although the scriptures don’t tell us this – I also imagine His twelve disciples didn’t understand either.  But, they were still there when the crowd walked away.  Jesus needed to know who was with Him and who was not.  While everyone fumbled for an answer, Peter answered for all of us, “Lord, to whom shall we go?  Thou hast the words of eternal life.  And we believe and are sure that thou art that Christ, the Son of the living God.”

There are times in everyone’s life where God may seem far away.  He is not hearing.  He doesn’t seem to care.  Peter probably didn’t understand much of what was said that day, but he had something the crowd did not have – faith that they were attached to the right person.  We may not understand that person, we may not know why He does what He does, we may not comprehend His ways – but we believe that He has the words of eternal life, and that He is the Christ the Son of the living God, and that is enough.

Some may call it blind faith, but really it is not.  Peter had been a disciple of John before following Christ.  He was hungry to know God.  When Christ appeared, Peter knew He was the One.  And, if He is the One, why should they go looking for another?

So, the question remains, where will you go in your search for God?  Will you hold to the one that has the words of eternal life, or will you be swayed and persuaded by the words of an impostor?  Will you give up on God because you cannot understand everything He does, or why He does it, or will you hold firm as Peter did in the midst of confusion and lack of understanding?

One Response to “Where Will You Go?”

  1. beamcguire@gmail.com Says:

    I personally have had many questions over the years but then it is when I realize…we walk by faith…not by sight. Not an easy thing to always do but the results is always right and the timing perfect. I’m glad we don’t have to understand everything but only to trust the One who has it all in control. What a journey life is!! Blessings….

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