The Problem of the Stubbed Toe

I’ve got a problem.  Back in 2003 I had to take a business trip to the island of Anguilla.  During my stay I was staying in a small rented apartment.  It was summer, and it was hot and humid, which meant the windows needed to be open at night since air conditioning was not available.  However, several times a night the rains would come, which meant I had to jump up and hurry and close all the windows to keep the rain from getting into the apartment and ruining things.  Then, when the rains let up, I’d get up again and reopen the windows so I wouldn’t suffocate.

Well, this went on for several days, and about the time I had the hang of it, I jammed my toes on a piece of the furniture.  Oh, did it hurt!  I hopped around until I could finally get myself back to sleep again.

Now, here is the problem — that was in 2003, but here we are in 2016.  No, my toes don’t hurt and nothing was broken, and I don’t have any long term physical problems from that incident.  However, when going to bed or in a quiet moment, I relive that hurt.  Yeah, frequently.  I just can’t seem to let it go.  I thought about going back to the island so I could confront the furniture, and yell at it or something.

Ok, everything above is true, except for the past paragraph, that is made up.  But I added it to illustrate an important point.  How many of you thought I had lost my mind when I began talking about reliving that incident, and how it captured my thoughts on a constant basis?  Yeah, that’s what I thought.  You were thinking I might need to see a shrink.

But, before you get too far down that track, let me remind you, this is exactly how we deal with those situations where people have hurt us.  They said things about us.  They turned their backs on us.  They hurt us, and we cannot let it go.  Not only can we not let it go, we relive it every time it comes to mind.  When laying on our bed at night we cannot even go to sleep without reliving the hurt one more time.

So, my question is simply this — if I can let the toe hurt go, and maybe not forget it, but not think about it all the time – why can’t I let the other things that have hurt me go?

One Response to “The Problem of the Stubbed Toe”

  1. Bea McGuire Says:

    Wow! Such great food for thought! Well said and point taken! Blessings…..

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