Third Time is the Charm

We have all been born, otherwise we wouldn’t be reading this.  But, being born into this physical existence is not the only such experience we can have.  When Jesus talked with Nicodemus He explained that in order to gain entrance to Heaven and eternal life, one must be born again.  This second birth was confusing to Nicodemus, and confusing to many people today, too.

This second birth is a spiritual birth.  It comes as one accepts Jesus Christ as their Savior, and receives forgiveness of sin, and entrance into eternal life.

But, in my limited view, there is a third birth, which I’m awaiting.  It is the birth I will realize as I enter heaven’s portals.  I look at this as the third birth.  A birth signifies a significant change.  It is leaving behind the old and reaching for the new.  It is such a significant change that things of the old existence pale in comparison.

It take the birth of a child as an example, we can see some interesting parallels.  While a child is in its mother’s womb, it is safe, warm, comfortable, protected.  It has no fear, no anxiety, no concept of past or future.  And while this description seems almost heaven-like, it pales in comparison to life.  For you see, a child still in the womb has not experienced some of the thrills of life like falling in love, saying to Momma, “I love you”, or seeing a flower, or a rainbow, or playing in the rain, or listening to a story, playing the piano, writing letters, graduating high school or college.  No, while the baby is in the mother’s womb it is protected, safe, warm, and free from all fear, but it is not life to the fullest extent.

And, yes, life will give the child more than just the good things – there will be times of sorrow, loss, loneliness, times of pain, and other undesirable things.  So, one might almost say, “I just want to stay in the womb.”  But, staying in the womb means missing out on the all the other things that are worthwhile.  It means missing birthday’s, anniversaries, having children, having grandchildren, parties, dinners with friends, worshiping God, and a ton of other things.

So, while life here in this existence is good, and the future is unknown there remains yet a third birth to look forward to.  This is the one to where God has said, “all the former things are passed away”, and there will be no more death, no more sorrow, and no more pain.  Yes, just like the child in the womb, we may hesitate to be born, as we’ve become comfortable with our present existence, and really have no desire to leave, but the day of our birth will arrive just as surely as the child will one day leave its mother’s womb.

So, maybe the title is fitting, third time is the charm —

One Response to “Third Time is the Charm”

  1. Says:

    This was excellent and a great way to put it….3rd birth. I like that! Blessings….

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