Which Tool is Best?

Ok, as my readers know by now, I like thought experiments.  These are experiments designed to make you think about things that are common, but which are often side-stepped or forgotten or not understood.

So, here is the thought experiment for today:

Which is better, a screwdriver or a hammer?

Tough one, isn’t it?  Tough because they were designed to do different things.  For example, to the hammer everything looks like a nail.  But, everything isn’t a nail, sometimes it’s a screw, or an adjustment that requires the blade of a screwdriver.  But, I wouldn’t want to put together a house frame with just a screwdriver.

Generally, tools are designed to do different things.

But, if this is so, then why do we compare people?  This singer is better than that singer.  This piano player is better than that one.  This preacher is better than that one.  This teacher is better than that one.

While on the surface some may seem better than others, it may be that they are called to do different things.  After all, there is more than one way to teach a class.  Saying one teacher is better than another, is saying that they teach exactly the same, but one is better.  That is hardly ever the case, however.  One may teach from the lesson book, and another may be more free-form.  One may teach from scripture study, and another teach from a topical standpoint.  To say one is better than another is like saying the screwdriver is better than a hammer.

The church at Corinth had this problem, too.  Paul said that some were saying, “I’m for Peter”, and others were saying, “But, I’m for Apollos”, and others saying, “I’m for Paul”.  And, Paul told them each has their place and function.  It’s not a matter of who is better, but God puts people into His church to fulfill different functions.  We are tools in his toolbox.  The screwdriver is not better than the hammer, but the hammer is not better than the screwdriver.  They each have their own place and function.

The scriptures compare the church to our own body.  It says that while some members receive all the attention, we give more honor to those parts that are lacking, or not seen.  And when one part of the body is damaged or hurt, the whole body comes to the rescue.  So, it is with the church.  Everyone has a specific place, a duty, a function, and while some appear to be visible there are others who are invisible, but all are important.

2 Responses to “Which Tool is Best?”

  1. Bea McGuire Says:

    Wow! What food for thought! And yes…you are a “deep thinker”! This was an excellent blog, very simple, and yet what a great lesson to ponder upon. As always you are an inspiration! I really liked this!!

  2. css Says:

    This website was… how do you say it? Relevant!!

    Finally I’ve found something which helped me. Many thanks!

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