The Marriage of Jesus

Now that I’ve gotten your attention let me assure you the rumors, gossip, movies, stories, about Jesus and Mary Magdalene having an affair, having children, or being married are just plain false, and in my words, “A bunch of baloney.”

That said, however, there is the possibility that they may have ‘wanted’ to get married.  Now, I know to some this is blasphemous and absurd, but I must ask the question, “Why not?”  After all, while Jesus was the Son of God, he was also human, with human emotions, desires, and dreams.  Why wouldn’t he want to have a family, to have a career, to enjoy his grandchildren, to live a long and prosperous life?

We don’t often think on these things because we assume Jesus was above these thoughts and wasn’t burdened with the things we deal with in our everyday experience.  But, the scriptures plainly tell us that Jesus was, ‘tempted in all points such as we, yet without sin.”  This clearly indicates that, indeed, he was human as well as divine.

If we ponder this for a moment we can understand why when Jesus was explaining to his disciples the need to go to the cross and die, and Peter begins rebuking him and telling him, “You won’t die”, that Jesus sharply rebuked Peter and said, “Satan get behind me.”

Why?  Because Satan, acting through Peter, was tempting him to bypass the cross and have a life like everyone else.  But, to bypass the cross means lost opportunity for salvation to millions of unsaved people – people like you and me.  Who else would go for us?  And, more importantly, who else could be the sinless sacrifice needed to purchase our salvation?

Now we go to the the Garden, where the real struggle is fought out.  The struggle between what Jesus, as human, wants, and what Jesus, as Son of God, wants.  It is a fierce struggle between the divine will and the will of the flesh.  What is at stake?  Only the entire human race, and the path to eternal life, that’s all.  But, if Jesus goes the path of the cross, what does he get out of it?  Some people mistakenly think that Jesus gained access to sit at the Father’s right hand when he chose the path of the cross, but that is not true.  This position was already his, even before he came to earth.  No, that wasn’t what he gained when he chose the path to the cross.  Then what did he gain?  Future glory?  Well, he did gain that, too, but that is not the real reward for the cross.  Why, then, did he do it?

The scripture tells us the answer – ‘for the joy that was set before him’…  What joy?  What is this joy?  Suffering a death by the cross doesn’t sound like any joy to me.  What was the joy?  Was it simply doing the will of the Father?  That could be part of the joy, but there is something else.

The ‘joy’ is one of seeing salvation imparted to a dying human race, of purchasing forgiveness of sin, and eternal life to all those who accept him.

Why would he do it?  Who else would make this choice?  Ah, the mystery of the love of God, and the depth of this love passes all human understanding.  He did it because he loved.  He loved the unsaved more than he loved himself.

So, when we are faced with choices, and have to give something up that we really want, we might want to remember what Jesus gave up, by choosing the cross.  He gave up the notion of getting married, having children, having grandchildren, living a long human life, dreams of any career, and many other things.  He gave them up because it was the ‘right thing to do’, and he wanted to please the Father, and because he loved.

One Response to “The Marriage of Jesus”

  1. Barbara McGuire Says:

    This post was great. Talk about good food for thought! Never even thought about Jesus thinking of marriage but your points are well taken. Lots to ponder here. I like how you divided the Spiritual from the natural. Lots to think on. Thanks! Blessings…

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