The Body That Will Be

We often say, “Christ conquered death and the grave.”  And it’s in our songs, too.  All of that is true, but we haven’t yet seen the complete fulfillment of this and physical death is still a dreaded part of every life.

There are not many deaths where there is not someone grieving, and suffering anguish.  In the 15th chapter of 1 Corinthians, Paul spends an entire chapter talking about death and the resurrection.  There are many note-worthy things in this chapter, and I only have space and time to cover just a few:

  1. Death will be the final enemy destroyed.
  2. The body that shall be, is not the body that is now

Towards the end of the age there will be wars and upheaval, and powers will be shaken, and Jesus Christ will rule over all, just as had been planned.  In the process of destroying enemies and taking control death will also be destroyed, swallowed up by eternal life.  For what is eternal life, but the absence of death?

But, what is this ‘body’ thing?  Paul describes the death and resurrection process as a seed which is planted in the ground.  God has given each seed a body of His own design.  They look different, and they produce different results.  But, that is not the amazing thing.  You cannot tell from the shape and design of the seed body, what the final plant ‘body’ will be.  So, an acorn reveals nothing about the oak tree which it produces.  So, what does this mean?  It means our future body will be so much greater than the seed from which we are now encased.  It means the best is yet to come.  I may be an acorn now, but just wait until I become the mighty oak tree.

Of course, Paul explains, you cannot have the oak tree unless the seed dies.  When the seed dies it has the chance to become the oak tree.  So it is with us.  Paul also explains that this body which we now occupy, cannot enter heaven.  It must be transformed.  There is a physical body, and there is a spiritual body.  Now, lest you think all you become is a spirit, let me remind you that when Jesus was resurrected, He told them to touch Him, feel Him, and give me something to eat, to prove that He was not a spirit, but a real person.  But, not exactly.  This new Christ could come and go, pass through locked doors and walls, and appear and disappear at will.  According to the scriptures we will also have a body like His.

When will this occur?  Good question, and one which Paul does answer in 1 Corinthians 15.  It will be at the close of the age?  Does this mean we are nothing in the meantime?  No, because as Jesus Himself relates in the story about the beggar Lazarus, angels carried Lazarus into Abraham’s bosom.  Now did the angels carry Lazarus’s old body?  No, they carried his spirit.  At some time in the future his body will be resurrected, transformed, changed, and will be reunited with his spirit.

Of course, there are many unknowns, which is why I’m trying to stay pretty close with the scriptures, which give us the best explanation of what we can expect.  When we die, our spirit will go to be with Christ, and we will await the resurrection and transformation of our body, so we can be like Him.

One Response to “The Body That Will Be”

  1. Barbara McGuire Says:

    I look forward to that day! Great blog. Blessings…

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