One Year to Live

Years ago, while working for a large Fortune 100, multi-national, company I was invited to a group session to discuss business strategy.  To start the session off the moderator threw out an ‘ice-breaker’ topic:

“What would you do if you found out you only had a year left to live?”

As they went around the room each person took a few minutes to describe what they would do in this situation.  Some would travel, while others would do things they always wanted to do (bucket list), and others would visit friends.  Some, would try to mend fences with friends or relatives that had wronged them, or who they had wronged.

As the next to speak, the moderator said, “Chuck, and what would you do?”

To which I responded, “Well, it’s really a difficult question, and one that is hard to answer until one gets there.  But, I’d like to think that I’m already doing the things I need to do, and wouldn’t have to change anything.”

The room fell silent.  I felt a bit embarrassed, for up to this point everyone was engaged in conversation with each person’s answer. Finally, the moderator, whose job it was to keep everything moving, said, “Well, that’s an answer we haven’t heard before.  Thanks.  Now next..”

My Dad died of cancer 35 years ago this January 23rd.  During his last few months, he did do some things in order to prepare my Mom for his eventual departure, but beyond those things he continued to go to work, and do the things he had always done, virtually up to the last few days before he passed.

When you are already doing the things that need to be done, and taking care of the things that mean the most, and are receptive to God’s leading, then you might not need to do anything special.  This doesn’t mean you are perfect, or that you have emptied your ‘in-box’, but simply that you have already assessed what things you should be doing, and are doing your best to do those as well as you can.

You may not be wealthy, famous, important, the smartest, the prettiest, but those things are not the most important, although the world puts great value in those things.  What is important is that you are fulfilling God’s plan for your life, even if the task may seem small, unimportant, not note-worthy.  For everything God has created, from the smallest cell to the largest star in the galaxy, has a purpose for being.

One Response to “One Year to Live”

  1. Barbara McGuire Says:

    I loved this blog yet is was so simply but good food to ponder on! I, too, hope I am doing the things that need to be done so as to not have any regrets. The older I get the more I realize that life is so precious and every moment needs to count! Thanks for reminding us! Blessings…. PS What a great response to your question!

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