Dead Weight

For this posting you will have to let your imagination go free.

Imagine you’ve been sent to prison.  The crime is not important, but here you are.  Of course, the conditions are not good, the food is not good, the treatment is, well, you know.  To make matters worse they handcuff you to another inmate.  You have no freedom, and this fellow inmate is no picnic, either.

About the time you don’t think things could get worse, your inmate ‘friend’ dies.  So, for awhile, not knowing what else to do you either drag him along, or you carry him on your back, for that is the only way you can go anywhere.  You think, “This is insane.”

But, it gets better.  The warden shows up at your cell and says, “Oh, by the way, here’s the key to your cuffs, so you can be loose from your dead ‘friend’.

But, to his surprise, and all the other inmates too, you don’t loosen yourself from your cuffs, but you continue to haul this dead person on your back, or drag him around with you.

Some crazy story, huh?  But, what makes this even crazier is that this story exemplifies what is happening right now to many Christians throughout the world.  That’s right, they were shackled to a dead person, and have received the key to be freed, but instead they choose to carry this dead weight around with them.

For to every Christian who has accepted Christ as their Savior, there are two people struggling for control – the old man, and the new man.  (Note, I use the terms ‘man’ and ‘he’ loosely, and it could just as easily be ‘woman’ and ‘she’ instead.)  The old man is the man of the earth, earthy, worldly, and full of all the things of the world, including hate, violence, revenge, envy, selfishness, cruel, ego and pride driven, snobbish, and everything else.  The new man is the man of heaven, full of righteousness, goodness, mercy, kindness, love, charity, forgiveness, and redemption.  While the old man has been put to death, by the work of the Cross, there are times when he is still carried around, just as if he were handcuffed to the new man.

Maybe that’s why the Lord said, “For my yoke is easy, and my burden is light.”  But, it’s not so easy, and not so light if you have to also drag around with you the dead man everywhere you go.  Maybe it’s time to let go….

One Response to “Dead Weight”

  1. Barbara McGuire Says:

    GREAT illustration! I loved it! Unfortunately there are many in this world that are still “tied to the old man”. Boggles the mind as to why they would not want to use the key given to them! Thanks for the blessing you are through your writings…..

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