Sowing and Reaping

Of course, this is a topic that everyone already knows everything there is to know, right?  Well, we will see.

The concept of spiritual sowing and reaping are tied to the concept of sowing and reaping in the natural world.  There are laws that govern the process, and rules that affect those laws.  But, there are times when we misunderstand those laws and the rules.  Let me give you a small, simple example.

Even if we are not farmers or garden professionals we know a corn seed may yield 10 fold, or even more, when it is fully grown.  Not wanting to be greedy we figure we might be satisifed with just 5 ears of corn for that Friday night cookout.  So, we throw a corn seed out in the back, and wait for the results.

As you might expect nothing happens.  No plant, no growth, no corn.  Obviously, the law must not work.  I sowed, but I got no result.  Well, the law works but you must follow the rules, and you broke a few.  Let’s review a few:

  1. Did you plant the seed?  Uh, no, I just threw it out on the ground.
  2. Did you water the seed?  Uh, no, I just thought it would grow on its own, with no help.
  3. Did you keep the bugs away?  Uh, no, do I have to do that?
  4. Finally – now many seeds did you plant?  Uh, just one.  After all, I only needed a few ears of corn for the cookout.

So, there are rules with regards to sowing and reaping in the natural world, and if you don’t follow the rules you might not get the results you desire.  And, you now know what is coming next, don’t you?  That’s right, there are rules that govern sowing and reaping in the spiritual world, too.

Since we are limited in space and time (not my time, your time), let’s just focus on the last one.  If you want to have a good crop you need to plant more than one seed, and you need to plant often.  Now some may say, “But, I’ve done that, and I still don’t see the results.”  That may be true, as some reaping won’t occur in this lifetime, but in the lifetime ahead.

In many cases, people sow their single seed, with no water, no fertilizer, no soil, and expect to reap a mighty and giant crop.  Then they become bewildered when not only do they not get the crop the expected, but some bird comes along and eats the seed they’ve thrown out there.  They lose their crop and their seed.  Then, they claim the law of sowing and reaping doesn’t work, or at least, doesn’t work for them.

The law works, but you must abide by the rules, and follow the steps required to get a good crop.  Let’s review briefly:

  1. Sow many seeds, not just one, and sow often
  2. Protect the seed from the sun and predators
  3. Water and fertilize the seed
  4. Don’t expect all of the harvest in this lifetime, as some may come in the life to come

Now, you’ve got it!  Good sowing, and good reaping!

One Response to “Sowing and Reaping”

  1. Barbara McGuire Says:

    Awesome blog. So simple yet so true! Blessings….

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