When Things Go Wrong – Part 4

This post is part of a series.  If you have not read Parts 1 – 3, I suggest you scroll down and read those first before reading this one.

This posting will deal further with the topic of the ‘blame game’ that I described in Parts 2 and 3.  Specifically, this posting deals with blaming God and others for our problems.

Let’s start with blaming God, as that seems to occur pretty frequently.

When things go wrong why would we blame God?

Well, I think the reasoning may go something like this:

  1. God is all powerful, and can do anything He wants
  2. God loves me, and doesn’t want anything bad to happen to me
  3. If God loves me, and He can do anything, then why is this ‘bad’ thing happening to me?

It’s a tough question, and has been expressed by probably millions of believers, and non-believers alike.  In fact, it is a mind-boggling question, in that it seems to have no answer.

While the answer doesn’t seem to be available we can gather some very strong conclusions from the the Word of God, especially in the lives of those described there.  Virtually every person who trusted God, who is written about in the Bible, experienced some troubling and painful things in their life.  Things that were wrong.  Things that brought them suffering, grief, and even death.  Of course, these things are understandable because of at least two things:

  1. We can see the end result of their suffering.  We are given lots of information about their suffering, and can see the final outcome.
  2. It’s not us.  That is, it is easy to see how David overcame his trials and obstacles, but it is a different story when the giant faces us.

The answer to the question of ‘why would a loving God allow me to go through this?’ is a question that may not have an answer now, but will have an answer in due time.  In other words, you don’t have enough information to make a call on that question right now.  What seems like a trial right now, may turn out to be beneficial in the times to come.

The lives of John the Baptist and Stephen were cut short by their being murdered and killed by the enemies of God.  Their deaths, and the grief it brought to countless individuals, is sad.  However, from the standpoint of eternity, their ministries were completed, and they were called home, never more to suffer pain.  So, is it sad, or is it glad?  Well, like so many who have gone before us – it is sad for us who remain, but glad for those who have left us.

One of the reasons we misunderstand the things that happen to us in this life has to do with the simple fact that we don’t have all the information.  We cannot see everything that is being accomplished by our suffering or painful experience.  We cannot see the future, and how this event may prove to be beneficial many years down the road.  It is painful now, but will it yield fruit somewhere in the unknown future?

In summary, we are poor judges of our own experience simply because we do not possess all the facts.  If we don’t know all the facts, then who does?  God.  And He is able to weave the events in our life that cause pain and suffering into a beautiful fabric that may yield positive results for years and generations to come.

The things that happen to us as individuals often do not only affect ourselves, but those who are a part of our daily life.  Our friends, family, associates, are all affected by the things that happen in our life.  What if your temporary suffering and painful situation is not for you at all, but for someone else?  Would you be willing to endure the unendurable for them?  If your example was to make a lasting impression on your son or daughter wouldn’t you think it worthwhile?

So, in summary, the blame game is not worthwhile.  Secondly, we are not in a good position to make an accurate assessment of our own painful situation, because we lack all the information necessary to make that call.

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