When Things Go Wrong – Part 5

This posting is part of a series, so if you haven’t read parts 1-4 you might want to check those out first.

Well, it has become clear to me that I need to close this out, as I suspect that I would be writing Part 99 before long, and still not be close to putting a dent in this formidable topic.  So, I’m going to close this subject with a few observations, that have helped me over the years.  In no particular order here are some things that have helped me to better understand life, and in particular, when things go wrong.

  1. No one is an expert on this subject – even people who claim to be experts on this topic are not.
  2. There are no special revelations – this one could cause significant arguments I know, but I’ve come to the conclusion, as has many theologians who are much smarter than I, that there are no new revelations given to men, such as was given to John on the Isle of Patmos.  Now before you go gather your friends and want to burn my house down, let me explain.  God does reveal things to His servants.  And there is inspiration and anointing given to men and women to accomplish His purpose and Will.  What I’m saying is that when some begins with, “I have a special revelation from God, that I’m willing to share with everyone who would contribute to this ministry,”  I cringe.  Every bit of revelation you need to live according to God’s plan has already been revealed in the Bible.  God can help you to understand His word, and can give you personal insight and revelation to help you.  Note, I’m not talking about knowledge, wisdom, and other gifts here.  I’m talking about their being a ‘special’ inspiration given to someone above anyone else, and only their revelation is important.
  3. Bad things happen to good people.  But, bad things also happen to bad people.  If you were to believe some folks you would think that every time there is a flood, hurricane, tornado, earthquake, or terrorist act that Christians are immune.  That somehow these things only happen to unbelievers.  I think the statistics show differently.  Once again, though, I perfectly accept God’s deliverance in time of need and understand He is still in the delivering business.  But, what I’m saying is it is a miscalculation to think because you are a Christian and child of God that somehow you are immune to everything that goes on in the world.
  4. As part of the Church of God Declaration of Faith – one of the articles says something along these lines – “I believe in the whole Word of God, rightly divided, the New Testament as the basis for government.”  That’s not exact, but I think it is close.  In this short phrase are several important things of note:
    1. “whole Word of God” to me means you cannot take scripture out of context.  It’s been proven many times that you can take scripture and prove almost any point of view that want.  However, this doesn’t make it right.  It is important to understand all of the scriptures that apply to particular topic if we are to gain a good understanding.
    2. “rightly divided” – a very small couple of words, but on which hinge much misunderstanding of the Word of God.  This two word phrase to me means ‘study to show yourselves approved’.
  5. Not everything will be revealed on this side of the grave.  In other words, there are always going to be things where we do not understand ‘why’.  We cannot figure out the reasons.  They simply don’t make sense to us.  And there are many times when God will not tell us.  This is what it means to have faith.  If you understood everything, would faith be involved?  No.  Did God tell Abraham that people thousands of years from now would read about him and gain strength and comfort from his faith and actions?  No.  We just need to accept that there are some things that will only be revealed on the other side and leave it alone.

I will close this series with the words from an old chorus, which might help someone today:

And Jesus said, ‘Come to the waters, stand by my side’

I know you are weary, you won’t be denied

I felt every teardrop when in darkness you cried

And I strove to remind you that for those tears I died.

One Response to “When Things Go Wrong – Part 5”

  1. Barbara McGuire Says:

    This 5 part series is rated my 2nd favorite of all posts. (The all time favorite is still “Rebar”!) I’ve printed this series out to keep among special writings. There aren’t adequate words to describe the importance and truth about this post! I’ve found that life’s experiences help one to understand exactly what you are saying here. It was excellent and well worth the read! As always, thank you for your great inspiration and insight! You are blessings more than you will ever know!

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