The Universal Gospel

I’ve written about this topic before, but it is such an important topic it would be hard to say too much about this subject.  The Gospel of Jesus Christ is universal in every sense:

  1. Geographically – there is not a place on the planet where the Gospel of the Good News does not apply.
  2. Across national barriers – there is not a nationality on planet earth that the Gospel does not apply to.
  3. Across races, colors, creeds – regardless of race or national origin, the Gospel has universal appeal
  4. Across gender – there are no exclusive clubs, no glass ceilings, where the Gospel cannot go.
  5. Across Age – young or old, married or single, children, or no children, the Gospel applies.  It applies to young children, teens, young adults, and old folks, too.
  6. Across all income brackets – rich, poor, or anywhere in-between, the Gospel has application.
  7. Across all education levels – whether you have formal education or no education, PHD or Masters Degrees the Gospel has something for you.

If all this is true, then why do so many want to preach or teach a crippled Gospel?  Crippled in the sense that it’s universal appeal is diminished or limited.  Why would we do that?  The answer is simple – it feels good, that’s why.

In America the common message that has gained more popularity than most any other is simply titled – Prosperity.  It speaks of abundance, wealth, and physical prosperity that comes from God’s abundant supply.  The message tends to lean towards encouraging folks to give so they can also become prosperous in God’s rich army.  There’s only one small problem with this approach – it has a hard time playing in places in the world where poverty or famine has placed its grip on the people.  It’s a little hard to talk about diamond rings, and gold watches, and Rolls Royce’s when people are having a hard time finding enough to eat and clean water to drink.  This message tends to do much better in wealthier countries where sometimes people have more money than common sense.  Where opportunities abound, and clean water and food abundance are items taken for granted.

It is easy to forget that not every place in the world is as fortunate as we have it here in America.  Oh sure, we have our challenges here, too.  And it is no picnic to raise a family and put food on the table every day.  But, our struggles are nothing compared to those in many foreign countries where food, water, and other basic necessities are in short supply, and sometimes not available at all.

So, this posting is mostly for my ministry friends.  Just a reminder to keep it real, and whatever we do keep it universal, as that will mean that its still pure, and hasn’t been tainted or modified.  To not get carried away with things (physical prosperity) that don’t really matter as much as our spiritual welfare does.  To pay attention to our own motives, and the danger of pushing a ‘popular’ message, instead of the right message.

I’d rather listen to a preacher that makes me examine my own motives and life every Sunday, and makes me feel uncomfortable, then to listen to someone who will say whatever it takes to make me feel good, only to find out later I’ve fallen short in the sight of God.

One Response to “The Universal Gospel”

  1. Barbara McGuire Says:

    Wow! Well said all in a nutshell! True words spoken here. Blessings!

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