Challenged, But Not Bored

When things are swirling around, and all you want to do is to find the way to get off this crazy merry-go-round, think on this.

If everything was the same, and nothing ever changed – there were no seasons, no storms, no difference from one day to the next – everything planned, nothing out of place – while it sounds nice it would end up being a pretty boring existence, wouldn’t it?

What if God knew this ahead of time, and made sure it would not be boring?  What if the challenges we face are there to provide some differences in life that we badly need, even if we don’t always like it?

What if some of the changes that happen in life are to prepare us for eternity?  Or, what if life’s challenges are geared to make us more ready to go to heaven.

Have you ever wondered that, perhaps, one of the reasons God led the children of Israel in the desert for 40 years was to get them to the place where they wanted to enter the promised land?  For a long time they just wanted to go back to Egypt, where they were slave laborers.  But, they figured it was better to be a slave laborer than to be out in the desert where there were lots of challenges.

How disappointing to God it might be, if in the midst of our challenges and trials, He was simply trying to ensure we had enough excitement and wouldn’t become too bored with the same old routine.

On the other hand, it is very easy to become like the children of Israel, if we are not careful.  They complained about the water, the food, about Moses being on the mountain too long, about Pharaoh and the Egyptians, in fact, they complained about most everything.  But, God had everything worked out and there was nothing to worry about.

While it is pretty easy to see how wrong the children of Israel were, it is a bit harder to see where we fall short.  It probably is best to simply leave things in His hands and “go with the flow, and enjoy the ride.”

One Response to “Challenged, But Not Bored”

  1. Barbara McGuire Says:

    I’ve learned over the years that the best teacher is experience for in our tests and trials our faith is increased. God definitely has a plan for all of us. Sometimes I reflect and wish it didn’t take me so long to learn that the things we go through really is for our good! I guess wisdom comes with age! Great food for thought! Blessings…

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