Without a Shepherd

At one point in Jesus’ ministry he said the people were like sheep without a shepherd.  But, Jesus filled that gap and became not just a shepherd, but the Great Shepherd.

At the close of His earthly ministry, he spoke the words of the prophet, “And the sheep shall scatter when he strikes down the shepherd.”  This would signify that even His close disciples would scatter and be as confused and disoriented as sheep who have lost their shepherd.

Shortly after the crucifixion it appeared that the things Jesus spent years building might crumble and fall apart.  There was no guidance, no direction.

But, then the Day of Pentecost arrived, and the disciples were filled with the Holy Spirit.  The Spirit of comfort, guidance, knowledge, and the all-knowing teacher.  God would not leave His newly born church without leaders.  New shepherds would be called.  There would not be a single shepherd, as it was in the days of Jesus’ earthly ministry.  No, now there would be hundreds, even thousands of shepherds to teach individual flocks.  Some flocks would be small, and some would be great, but in any case the sheep would not be left without a shepherd.

What cost would be exacted on those who were called?  Only God could measure the cost.  But, the reward would be substantial.  It is not a calling to be taken lightly.  It is not a man-sent calling.  It is not a calling one takes on without being selected by God.  In other words, you cannot elect yourself to this calling.  It’s a calling of sacrifice, of burden-bearing, of listening, listening, and more listening.  Endless hours spent listening to some with a gripe or complaint, others with unbearable tragedies.

God knew things could not move forward without leaders.  The work of the church could not progress without God-called men and women who are not afraid to answer the call.

As the scripture also says, “Many are called, but few are chosen.”  This could be applied to the ministry of being a shepherd to God’s flock.  Not everyone who is called has what it takes to be chosen.

One Response to “Without a Shepherd”

  1. Barbara McGuire Says:

    Excellent, especially your closing statement. It’s so true! Blessings…

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