Why Didn’t He Do it Differently?

In order for this posting to make any sense you are going to have to do some role playing with me.  I’m going to ask you to put yourself in the place of Jesus and think about what you would do if you were in His place.

You have just completed your earthly ministry, having endured the cross, and are now resurrected and want to visit those you’ve left behind.  You have taught many, healed many, and have 11 disciples that have stayed with you through thick and thin.  But, there are many who are in opposition to your new church and to those you have left behind.

What would you do?

Well, let me get the ball started with some things that I might want to do, if I were Jesus:

  1. I think I might want to make a point to those who mocked me, pulled my beard, spit on me, and treated me shamefully.  Yes, I would probably want to visit them and give them a spin or two.  Maybe not kill them, but just to show them how wrong they were about me.
  2. I would make a grand appearance to my disciples.  When I say ‘grand’ I’m talking brightness, and heavenly glory, so much that they fall to their faces in awe and wonder.  Mainly, so that I can show them that I have received all power from my Father, and they can trust me as they move forward.
  3. Finally, I would probably remove those who are in opposition to my new church, and those that might cause my disciples trouble or hurt.

Those are some things I might do, were I Jesus in the days following the crucifixion.  But, as we know, He didn’t do any of that.  In one instance he merely invited them to have fish and bread beside a beach campfire.  That doesn’t sound very dramatic to me.  In another instance he walked beside two disciples as they were talking, and had a conversation with them.  Doesn’t sound very dramatic, either, considering this is the Son of God.

As you are thinking about that, think about this – what would you tell them?

Would you tell them about the future, and how things are going to be different?  There will be automobiles and planes, and man will visit the moon, and etc, etc, etc…  As far as we know He didn’t get into that, either.

So, why is this important, and worth talking and thinking about?  It is important as it illustrates a couple of points:

  1. God doesn’t act and do as we might do.  He acts righteously and in all ways does and says exactly what needs to be done and said for the moment.
  2. God doesn’t need to put on a show, or demonstrate His power and glory.  If He did that then much of what we believe would be based on our fleshly instinct, and not on our faith.  In brief, God wants us to be impressed in Him because of our faith, and not because of what we see or experience.
  3. I think it also illustrates that although God has all power, He deals with us right where we are, and in a way we can understand.  If He came at us through a blinding light or loud noise all the time, we would find ourselves operating from fear and awe rather than reason and faith.  God doesn’t want a bunch of ‘awed’ followers.  He wants individuals who express their faith in Him in their daily living.

All that said, it is certainly true that God is awesome.  But, He is awesome to me because of who He is, and my faith in who He is, and not because he has struck me down.  I recognize His greatness and His power, but most of all I recognize His love and forgiveness even above His other attributes.  The fact that He has His hand on the universe and things therein is certainly a benefit, but that is not why I love Him.  I don’t love God because He is great and powerful.  I love God because He first loved me.  When I was unable to help myself He died for me and made a way for me to be reconciled to Himself.


2 Responses to “Why Didn’t He Do it Differently?”

  1. Barbara McGuire Says:

    So much to ponder here! I’m sure I would not have taken any steps that Jesus did. I strive daily to try to have the mind of Christ but will admit that I can’t do it in myself….I have to have His help, and even at best I fail. This was an excellent writing. I love how you get our minds to thinking and pondering. Lots of excellent points in this writing. Blessings!

  2. amyleebell Says:

    I would have loved to have been there for the conversation on the Emmaus road. Jesus opened the Old Testament scriptures to his disciples, telling them how it had been foreshadowing His life, death, burial, resurrection, and return. I would give absolutely anything to know exactly what He said to them that day, which is why I am constantly studying the Old Testament. Paul, too, had the scales fall from his eyes. I think that is symbolic of him finally understanding the Torah (about which he was very educated) through the lens that is Jesus Christ, the Messiah. “I once was blind, but now I see.”

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