You Don’t Have to be an Expert

These days there are lots of seminars, courses, study guides, books, teachers, evangelists, who can help expand your knowledge and understanding of the Word of God.  These are mostly good and instructive.  But, you don’t have to be an expert or a theologian to live in favor with God.

In fact, if I could put it so bluntly and not offend anyone – sometimes our learning can lead us to flawed conclusions and dubious results.  I’m constantly amazed by the different doctrines expressed by those I have come in contact with.

While it is good to have a deep understanding of the Word of God, and can digest the meat that is there, the fundamentals are so simple a child can understand them.

It is not useful or edifying to argue about most doctrinal differences.  Most people are so set in their thinking you will not convince them your thoughts are correct, nor will they probably convince you their thoughts or ideas are correct, either.

After being in the ministry 41 years I’ve now reverted back to simple basics.  While I still study the Word of God, it is not with the intent of proving any particular doctrine or view.  No, my purpose is to help me be the person God wants me to be, and to fulfill His purpose for my life.  I find this occupies me fulltime to the extent I have little time to try and correct or convince anyone I have a ‘fuller revelation’ of the Word.

What I have found is one does not need to be an expert to please God.  Learning is good and desirable, and there many good books and study guides to help us.  However, the primary purpose of such learning is to first help us in our own walk with God.

Ok, and now for my own revelation, which is not really a revelation, but a restatement of what is already in the scriptures.  No matter how learned you are, or how deep your spiritual relationship with God is, no one knows it all, and you probably know less than you think you know.

The smartest people I know tend to be very modest about their knowledge, and are quite open about how little they really do know, or how much there is left to learn.  In other words, at some point in gaining knowledge and wisdom you should come to acknowledge there is so much more to learn.

That said, there is no shortage of folks who want to advise you on how you should live, and how your relationship with God should work.  It amazes me sometimes, just how many ‘experts’ there are.  And while I have been a pastor, CE Director, teacher, writer, and minister for 40+ years I have to admit I’m far from being an expert, and secondly, I still have much to learn.

I’ve reverted to basic themes:

  1. Love God
  2. Love your neighbor
  3. Support the fatherless and widows
  4. Be forgiving, of others and yourself
  5. Try to avoid offending anyone
  6. Defend the helpless
  7. If possible, try to be at peace with all people
  8. Pray for those in authority

To name a few.  So basic, that even a child should understand many of these things.

So, my friends – instead of growing to be an expert, I have instead reverted back to some of the basics that I first learned from my Mother and Father.  While this reversion may be a disappointment to some, I am really only concerned with how I might please my heavenly Father.

I wish I could impart to you some deep spiritual truths, but my best effort is to simply encourage you that – You Don’t Have to be an Expert to please God.

One Response to “You Don’t Have to be an Expert”

  1. Barbara McGuire Says:

    I so loved this blog! I think you have the correct formula in statements 1-8 above! The basics are where we all need to be! Thank you for reminding us in this great blog. Simple as it is, it says it all! Blessings…

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