The Will of God for Your Life

Much has been written about this topic, and I won’t try to rehash it here.  Sometimes it is not described as God’s Will, but instead it might be called Purpose Driven, or similar, but it means pretty much the same thing.

This is actually a pretty complicated topic, and I can only throw out a few things to think about in this short space.  This topic has caused a lot of conversation, studies, books, movies, conferences, blogs, commentaries, and rightly so, for it is central to a Christian believer’s life experience.

It is clear from scripture that God does have a purpose, or will, for every life.  If we believe that God is no respecter of persons, and we believe that we can see God’s purpose and will for those written up in His Word, then it stands to reason He has a purpose and will for our lives, too.

Now, let’s be honest.  It’s pretty easy to accept God’s Will and purpose when everything is going well and smooth, but it’s a different story when things are not going so well.  When friends and family turn on us, when we are under financial pressure and duress, when our health begins to fail, and when the enemy attacks us non-stop from morning to dusk.  During those times it is difficult to see God’s Will or purpose working in our life.  The train has left the rails, and we are left wondering what is going on.  That’s what I want to talk about in this posting.

First of all, I’m no expert in this subject.  Nor do I profess to have mastered this topic.  Nor do I pretend that I’m above these things that come into my life.  They affect me just as much as anyone else, and there are times when I wonder what is going on, and why has God left me in this condition.  But, all that said, I think there are some clues given in the scripture that might help us to understand or at least endure such happenings when they come our way.

Probably the biggest misunderstanding Christians have when it comes to understanding God’s Will for their lives, is knowing what is ‘good’, and what is ‘bad’.  I’m not talking about our efforts, or righteousness versus sin.  I’m talking about the things that come our way.  We tend to classify them as either good or bad.  There may be some things that fall into the middle, but for the most part we have little difficulty determining if those things are mostly good, or mostly bad.

Our ‘ruler’ we usually use when determining if something is ‘good’ or ‘bad’ is how it affects us, or makes us feel.  If it makes me feel sad, it goes into the bad bucket.  If it makes me feel happy, then it goes into the good bucket.  If it helps me – good.  If it hurts me – bad.  If it is easy – good.  If it is hard – bad.  If I can smile about it – good.  But, if it makes me frown – bad.

There’s only one thing wrong with this approach – the ‘ruler’ you are using to measure things in your life is fatally flawed, and many times incorrect.  It gives you wrong readings, which lead to wrong conclusions, which in turn lead to wrong ideas about God’s Will or purpose for your life.  In short, we get confused, but we get confused because the ruler we are using to measure our experiences is flawed and based on short-term feelings or results.

Fortunately, for you and me, there are plenty of scripture references and examples that show this to be true.

Now before we get into the ‘meat’ of this topic, let me remind you of something.  To understand God’s Will and purpose for your life is not a beginner topic.  This is a topic for mature and growing Christians.  While some would argue this stance, let me explain.  When I was learning to ride a bike, I had training wheels on.  The training wheels kept he bike upright while I was learning to ride and keep my balance.  They prevented me from falling and hurting myself while I was learning.  So it is with Christian babes.  God puts training wheels on them to prevent them from hurting themselves.  He puts extra protection around them to ensure they have an opportunity to grow and mature.  When a person grows in maturity with Christ the training wheels are removed, just like they were removed from my bike.  When the training wheels went off my bike, I could go faster, make better turns, and have more freedom.  But, there was a downside, too.  I was exposed to more risk, more danger, and potentially more pain, especially if I wrecked myself.  So, it sounds like I should keep the training wheels on, right?  Of course not.  The same holds true for the Christian.  When God sees our growing maturity the training wheels come off.  We can go faster, have more confidence, have more freedom, but as with the bike there are more opportunities where we might encounter more challenges as a result of the training wheels being removed.

Because I have taken so much time and space in setting this topic up, I will complete it in the next post.  So, stayed tuned, as we will get into the real subject in the next posting…

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  1. Barbara McGuire Says:

    Can’t wait to read Part 2!

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