The Will of God for Your Life – Part 3

If you haven’t read parts 1 and 2, you might want to scroll down and read those first.

I did not intend on writing a Part 3, but I feel I left some ground uncovered, or not covered sufficiently.

Let me start this by saying some things that I hold to be true.  You may agree, or disagree, as everyone has their own opinion and interpretation.  I try to line up my view and understanding using the following general guidelines:

  1. Is it scriptural?  Of course, we can find scriptures in the Bible that can support almost any view you want to take, but when I say “is it scriptural”, I mean does it fit the whole Bible rightly divided, not just some verses taken out of context?
  2. Are there examples, involving real people, in the Bible?  Jesus did this, as he quoted Isaiah, and referred to Jonah, David, Elijah, and others as examples by name.
  3. Can I line it up with examples of real people from my own life experience?  In other words, can I reconcile what I think I know with what I have seen and experienced with things in my own life, or the lives of people I’ve known?
  4. Will it play in Peoria?  By this, I mean it is perfectly natural to speak of prosperity and abundance in a country as rich as the United States, but will the same message achieve desired results in places in the world where poverty, famine, and disease are a part of every household and family?

Now that I’ve gotten that out of the way, I want to express a few things about God’s Will in our life, that I personally believe, or hold to be true:

  1. God has a Will and Purpose for every life.
  2. This does not mean that every life will fulfill God’s Will or purpose.
  3. God has made provision for every will in each life to be fulfilled.  In other words, God did not give you a purpose you cannot achieve.
  4. Nothing happens without God’s knowledge or consent.  Note, this does not mean God approves of every action, but that no action can occur without God’s permission.  This is a very fine point, and causes more than its share of head scratching.  Take an example – Paul is piling brush on a fire and a viper comes out the sticks and bites him on the arm.  In fact, the scripture says it was hanging on his arm, which indicates that the fangs of the snake were embedded in his skin.  But, it is not time for Paul to die, or even be sick.  He shakes the snake off in the fire and keeps going.  God did not plant the snake.  Nor did He set it up so Paul could get bit.  But, He allowed it to happen, and diverted the outcome so that God would receive the glory.  Was it pleasant?  I doubt it.  Although, Paul did not suffer the effects of being bit by a poisonous snake, he was still bitten, and that is not the best of things.  But, was it worth it?  Well, many of the people of that island came to the Lord because of these events, so, yes, it was worth it.  Now, there is a strong difference between God allowing bad things to happen, and God initiating bad things.  God does not initiate bad things, but he can take things that were meant for bad, and turn them into something good.
  5. It is not my job to get God’s help with my plans for my life.  Rather, it is my job to align my plans with His plans for my life.  Whether I understand it or not, His plans for my life are better than my plans for my life.
  6. There may be suffering involved.  However, it is never suffering with no purpose.
  7. My primary purpose is finish the race set before me.  If I can do that, then all will be well, not only in this life, but in the life to come.

One Response to “The Will of God for Your Life – Part 3”

  1. Barbara McGuire Says:

    Well said! Just keeps getting better and better! 🙂

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