Where’s My Backup?

Firefighters have backups.  Policemen and police-women have backups.  Medical workers have backups.  Baseball players have backups.

Backups are a nice thing to have.  Someone who has your back.  Someone who is pulling for you.  Someone who can help you through the rough times.

This is also true for things spiritual.  It’s always a good thing to have a backup.  In many cases this person is the pastor of the church you attend.  For every good pastor prays frequently for their flock.

But, who is the backup for the pastor?

Good question, and one which I asked myself back in the 1980’s when I was pastoring a small church.  I was pondering the question while praying for the flock God had given me.  My prayer at one point, went something like this, “Lord, I pray for these, and I’m thankful you hear and answer my prayer.  And, I’m glad I’m their backup, but I do have a question – ‘Where is my backup?’

Now, before I get into what God told me, let me explain that pastor’s need a backup, maybe more than anyone else.  Why?  They carry more burdens than most everyone else.  They carry not only their own burdens, but many of the burdens of the flock, and for those that are outside the flock that call on them frequently for help.  This load can get heavy.

I was feeling that heaviness, as I asked the Lord about my own backup.  And by now you’ve probably guessed what His answer to me was – “I’ll be your backup.  You do what I’ve asked you to do, and I’ll be your backup.”

So, for those pastors, and lay-people who feel lonely, and don’t know where their backup is, just know this – God can be your backup.  He will be there when everyone else has walked out.  He will be there when no one else believes in you.  He will be there when there doesn’t seem to be a friend to be found anywhere.  He will be there when no one understands what you are going through.

Although we often think of David as an individual who had everything, and was honored, and respected by everyone, but the reality is a bit different.  It didn’t come together for David all at once, and not everyone was for David.  His family didn’t give him much respect.  And there was a lot of anger expressed from Saul’s family, and many of the tribes of Israel didn’t want David to be their king.  In many regards, David went through the fire.  Not once.  Not twice, but many times.  David didn’t have much in the way of human backup.  His backup was God, Himself.

But, God only goes where He is invited.  He won’t break the door down.  He won’t enter uninvited.  He will knock, and it is up to each of us to answer and open the door.

One Response to “Where’s My Backup?”

  1. Barbara McGuire Says:

    I can certainly relate to this blog because of being in the ministry. It took me a long time but I learned over the years and with a multitude of experiences that Jesus truly is our backup, a faithful one that will NEVER fail! We all need to be reminded at some time that He has our back! Excellent blog. Thanks….

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