That’s Just Too Simple!

So, you are faced with multiple crisis’s.  You have family issues, financial issues, health issues, age issues, relationship issues, job issues, lack of job issues, insurance issues, and that is just the tip of the iceberg.  You are concerned about your children, your parents, your grandchildren, the future, the past, and the present.  In fact, it is overwhelming, and not only is it overwhelming you don’t have answers to any of these.

Which is where I have found myself several times in my lifetime.  Of course, when those times come it is time to seek God, and get His answer.  So, I did that.  But, the answer I got was just too simple.  It didn’t even address the answers to the problems I listed above.  His answer to me was simply, “Focus on the work.”

Obviously, I had not made myself clear.  So, I prayed again.  The answer?  “Focus on the work.”

So, I did.  Now that I’ve had a few years to think about this, it does make good sense.  Number one – the issues I listed above are not issues that have simple answers.  Number two – they are typically not problems that you can solve, at least not by yourself.  Number three – if the answers are not simple, and you can’t solve them anyway, then you might as well do what you CAN do, which is to “focus on the work”, and let God do what He does best, which is to solve those issues as only He can.

In short, by putting your hands on the wheel and trying to steer a proper course only makes God’s work harder, and ends up being hard on everyone.  So, by focusing on your work, you are doing what you are supposed to do, and it gives God a chance to work out the rest, with as little interference from you as possible.

Of course, there is a catch to all this – what is “the work”?  If we don’t know what that is then we are still clueless about what to do.  Well, each of us has a job to do.  Some work at a secular job, and some work in the ministry.  Some are workers at home.  Regardless of where you are there is a job to be done.  To put it simply – God has given everyone the ability to do something.  It may seem small, and insignificant, but it is still the thing, or things, God has given to you to do.  Over my lifetime, “the work” has changed from time to time, but is always there.  Right now, part of “my work” is to write this blog.  Why? Because it is part of what God wants me to do right now.  Will it help anyone?  I don’t know, and that is not my job, that’s God’s department.  My job is to write, and let God do what He does.

So, when things seem overwhelming and over our heads, maybe we need to pull back and refocus.  Concentrate on what God has put before you for now, and leave the rest for Him to take care of.

One Response to “That’s Just Too Simple!”

  1. Bea McGuire Says:

    This was a direct Word for me today! That is all……

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