God on the Wall

Wow, what a title.  What in the world could that mean?  Well, let’s find out…

I have clock on my living room wall.  I look at it once in a great while, usually when I need to know the time.  I don’t pay it much attention, except twice a year when the Daylight Savings Time comes around, and when it needs a battery.  It is not really that important to me, except when I need to know the time, and then it is only a momentary importance, and I quickly resort to ignoring it.

In our modern time, this is exactly how many people treat God.  Mostly ignored, except when they need help, or need some sort of comforting pat on the back, and the reassurance from our Father, “Everything is ok, my daughter”, or “Everything is ok, my son.”

We go to church, and engage in momentary enjoyment while we listen to the music and lift our hands, but largely it is like looking at the clock on the wall, and getting our weekly ‘refill’.  We love the Lord, and He loves us, but for the most part it is only in the moment, and then we move on with the rest of our lives.  We are good, for that is all we needed was just a pat on the back, and the reassurance we would still make heaven should something happen and we were to die.  But, mostly, we just put God back on the wall, and ignore Him until we need to pay attention again.

Knowing this explains a lot of things.  It explains why people move from church to church, not on a permanent basis, but simply move from church to church, and week to week, a little here, a little there, what difference does it make?  After all, I just need to glance at God every once in awhile and find out what time it is, or maybe change the battery.

This also explains why people can attend Sunday worship, raise their hands, worship in music and song, and then go and live for the Devil the rest of the time.  But, that’s not all.  There’s no remorse, and no regret either.  In fact, many would say, “So what?”

But, from the scripture I get the distinct impression God doesn’t want to be just a clock hanging on the wall.  Something we pay attention to a couple of times a week, but for the most part ignore.  He doesn’t want to be just someone we go to when things are bad, or when we are in trouble.  He doesn’t just want to give us a pat on the back and say, “Everything is ok.”

God wants us to have a relationship with Him.  Not a distant relationship, or one that only gets called on in an emergency.  He wants an everyday relationship.  He says in His Word, “Come, let us reason together…”.  This seems to indicate a bit more than just a casual relationship.

Let’s take God off the wall, and put Him where He belongs – in our heart.

One Response to “God on the Wall”

  1. Barbara McGuire Says:

    Wow! This was excellent! Loved the example and I certainly think you nailed it head on! I won’t forget this one! I think I’ll remember it every time I look at the clock in my office! Great example and great food for thought. Blessings……

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