WordPress tells me this isn’t even a word, but seems like a good word to me.  Of course, WordPress doesn’t think WordPress is a valid word, either, so there you go.

What do I mean auditable?

I mean if they were to take your life apart, piece by piece, and perform a thorough audit on it, would you pass?

Now, let’s clarify a few things here.  For the purpose of this posting I’m not talking about a few things that people normally associate with a ‘good life’.  I’m not talking about honesty, although honesty is certainly a good thing.  I’m not talking about being ‘perfect’, although being perfect is a good thing.  I’m not talking about how few mistakes, or how many mistakes, you’ve made.  I’m not talking about the image you present to people, or how those people think of you.  No, I’m talking about something more basic.  Something that may not be capable of being measured or quantified.

What quality I’m talking about is what happens when everything falls apart, nothing you do works out, and you don’t know where the help will come from – and someone reaches out a hand to you and gives you a lift up.  Not only do they give you a lift up, but it costs them something in the process, but because they see your need they do it anyway.

So, I’m talking about when all the frills and visible things are stripped away, are there qualities about your life that remain and cannot be removed or altered?

I’ve mentioned this before, but is worth repeating.  I remember my Dad exhibiting this quality.  My Dad was tough.  He was a self-made business man who knew how to execute the art of business war.  Few people ever got the best of my Dad.  But, underneath there was a different person.  During the 1950’s and 60’s my parents owned a rent house in South Austin, where I grew up.  It was small, wooden, and simple.  At the time an elderly woman rented the house and lived alone.  When it came time to renew the lease, my Mom mentioned to my Dad, “It’s time to renew the lease and raise the rent slightly, as our expenses and taxes have gone up this year.”  I remember Dad’s response, “No, she is living on a fixed income and cannot afford an increase.”  Now, that, my friend, is an auditable trait.  One that will never be erased, altered, or removed.  One, that stands the test of time long after the house decays back to dust.

Now, there is something else about this simple story that is worth mentioning.  My Dad gained no benefit from this decision.  In fact, it hurt him, as he had to make up the difference.  He gained no recognition, and to my knowledge did not even tell the lady what decision had been made.  Why would I mention this?  Well, it’s simple, really.  Many times people will do the ‘noble’ thing as long as they are recognized.  Take away the brass band and the recognition and they are less likely to participate.

True auditable features do not require recognition.  They may go mostly unheralded, and many of them may not even be known.  I’m sure my Dad never knew I’d be writing about this incident some 50 years later, and probably forgot all about it.  But, there were at least two people who did not forget – me and God.

One final note…  It’s not the size of the deed that makes an effort or quality auditable.  According to Jesus, even giving some one a cool drink of water carries with it a reward.  That seems like a pretty insignificant thing to me, but according to God nothing is insignificant.

During my lifetime I’ve received more than few ‘hands up’ from individuals that stood to gain nothing from their generosity.  In some cases, there were individuals who helped me, that even to this day, I’m not privy to their efforts.  They are ‘hidden’ from my view or remembrance.  But, they remain….  It was, perhaps, a small thing to them, but a big thing to me.  I pray that the Lord grant them mercy and find favor in that day that lies ahead of all of us.

One Response to “Auditable?”

  1. Barbara McGuire Says:

    I always love when you reference stories about your dad! It is obvious that he touched your life in so many ways and was a great example of “Christlike”! Great blog! Blessings..

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