Being Human

As with many of my posts this one may seem a little different, but hopefully before I’m done it will make more sense.

People have many different views of God.  Some see Him as a grandfatherly figure, who pats everyone on the top of the head.  And some see Him as a distant, harsh figure who is above our ability to touch or affect.  Still others view Him through the lens of the Christ as described in the Gospels.

Actually, He is all of the above, and then some.  But, one thing he is not – He is not who we imagine Him to be, or someone who is bound by our human experience.  What does that mean?  Well, for example, whether we like it or not, we bound by time.  It relentlessly pushes us forward, and despite our best efforts, we cannot turn the hand of time backwards.  But, God is not limited by time.  In fact, if we could accept it, time is one of the ‘created things’ that God put into existence.  If He created it, then He is not bound by it, or limited by it.  If God wants to, He can turn time backwards.

Not only is God not limited or controlled by time, but He doesn’t view it the same as we do.  The scripture tells us that a thousand years is to the Lord as one day.  Which simply means that to us two thousand years have passed since the birth of Christ, but to God it has only been two days.

Why bring all this up?  One simple reason – we sometimes tend to make God like us, not recognizing we are the ones made in His image, not the other way around.  So, in some instances we think we know the mind of God, and make predictions about what He will, or will not do.  But, that is to ignore the simple truth that He does not operate the same way we do.

Whether we like it or not, we are highly driven by our emotions versus our intellect.  Emotions are unpredictable, unstable, and many times unreliable.  However, they are powerful, and largely make up who we are as human beings.  Emotions, although they have problems, are created by God, so they are not ‘bad’ things.  So, here’s the big question – is God emotional?

The answer to this is simple – yes, He is, but, there are differences.  For one – God is not driven by His emotions or whims, which does not mean He is unfeeling or without compassion.  It simply means His plan already includes provision for emotions, and it is steady as a rock.  Let me see if I can explain, as this concept is a bit hard to grasp.

Love is an emotion.  God loves.  Therefore, God is emotional.  This is true, but it is not in the same sense as we sometimes use the term ‘love’.  To us love can come and go, it can change, it can go from strong to weak, or weak to strong.  This is because our ‘love’ is mostly driven by emotional feelings.  God’s love is driven by something different – choice.  God chooses to love us, and this choice is not going to change.  It is rock solid, unmovable.  You can count on it.  You can bank on it.

Now back to my title.  Being human is perfectly well and good, as that is how God has made us.  But, being human should not cause us to think God works in the same manner.  In fact, we are blessed because God does not work in a human manner.  Humans fail, God does not.

Let me close out this post with this thought…

Have you ever pondered the sayings of Christ in the Gospels?  It was different.  It was not the speech of an ordinary person.  This is borne out by the officers who were sent to arrest Jesus.  When they returned without Jesus, they were asked, “Why haven’t you brought him?”  To which the officers replied, “No man has ever talked like this man.”  This would indicate that even Jesus’ speech was different.  It was coming from a mortal man, a human being, but the speech and actions were not.  They were from God.

Jesus spoke about ‘God things’.  Because of this He was often misunderstood.  His speech was from heaven, but we are from the earth.

One final note – you cannot understand ‘God things’ or spiritual things from a human perspective.  It is simply not possible.  You can ‘imagine’ spiritual things, and come up with some pretty interesting ideas, but that doesn’t make them true.  True spiritual understanding comes only from God Himself, through His Son, Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit.  All other sources are false, and prone to human frailties.  Let me put this as simply as I can – your imagination and thoughts are not sufficient for you to know who God is.  There is no one wise enough, smart enough, inspired enough to know God by their own human thinking, reasoning, or meditation.  He must be ‘revealed’ to us.  How?  By His Spirit.  Through what means or channel?  Through faith in His Son, Jesus Christ.  We can imagine all kinds of other ways, all day long, but it is to no avail.  God chose to make a single door through which access could be obtained, and that was through His Son, Jesus Christ.  While Christians are framed as being ‘narrow minded’ or bigoted, because of this view, I should point out that Christians did not create this or decide this.  God decided it, long ago, even before Christ came on the scene.

Summary – while it is good to be human, just don’t bring God down to your level.  You are who you are, and God is who He is.

One Response to “Being Human”

  1. Barbara McGuire Says:

    Excellent blog! Yep, I think the last line sums it up perfectly! Our mind cannot even imagine! Blessings…

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