In 1915 Thomas Watson was named President of Computing-Tabulating-Recording Company (CTR).  By 1924 he renamed the company, International Business Machines (IBM).  Watson was a strong-minded man and believed in running the business by proven rules that lead to success.

In order to encourage his staff to ‘think’ he had a sign created that hung in his office.  It simply said, “THINK”.

Thomas Edison was one of the world’s greatest inventors.  By his death he had accumulated 2,332 patents, many of which still impact our lives today.  Edison was a self-made, self-taught individual with not much more than an elementary school level education.  But he famously was quoted as saying, “There is no expedient to which a man will not go to avoid the real labor of thinking.”

If anything is in short supply these days, it is individuals who undertake the real labor of thinking.  To put it bluntly – we have been dummied down for far too long.

We have become reactionary, impulsive, emotional, full of ideas, and ideology, and have lots to say, but much of it has come without thinking.  We have left our brain on the pillow, and as a result our jaws are flapping under their own power.

But, let’s be honest.  Thinking is hard.  It carries risk.  If we think, there is the chance of failure.  If we think, and things don’t turn out like we planned, we may be open to ridicule.  Contrary to many fine books, novels, and movies thinking individuals are not always rewarded.  In fact, they are often punished.

So, what should one do?  The answer, not surprisingly, is in the scriptures.

“Come now, let us reason together..”, says the first portion of Isaiah 1:18.  This term ‘reason’ might be restated as ‘think’.  “Come now, let us think together..”

This is an invitation from God, Himself, to His creation to think and reason with Him.  Although this scripture details us reasoning together with God regarding our sin, it is pretty clear to me, that may not be the only topic God wants to discuss.  But, in order to have a meaninful conversation with God, there does seem to be a standard requirement – THINK.

2 Responses to “THINK”

  1. Carol Gilham Says:

    Great! Thank you!

  2. Barbara McGuire Says:

    Great blog! Years ago my mom worked for IBM and said it was one of the best jobs she ever had in her life! She loved it and was sad the day she had to leave. Those being hired when she was hired were only allowed to work 6 months. She hated that rule for she loved the company!

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