I guess it is important to qualify this post.  I’m not discussing clinical depression, which I’m not qualified to talk about.  I’m focusing this post on the kind of depression we all feel from time to time.  Everything goes wrong, things pile in one on top of another, and the friends we thought we had are nowhere to be found.

When this happens, we usually feel alone, and generally feel as if we are the only ones in this dark place.  Our memories don’t generally help us either, as we tend to remember those things that are sad or caused us distress or heartache.

I won’t pretend that these things can be swept away with a simple, “Cheer up”, or “Things could be worse”.

I don’t have a solution, or quote for you that will dispel the clouds of despair.  Instead, I will remind you that you are not alone.  In fact, all people at some point in their life experience periods of depression.  Some of us go through it more than once.

Not only are we not alone, but historically famous and ordinary folks have experienced these feelings, too.  In fact, the Bible is full of examples of individuals facing their own depressing moments.  Moses, Elijah, David, and most of the prophets expressed their own despairing moments.

While we cannot avoid those periods of grief, despair, and sadness that come into our life, we do not have to make a permanent residence there.  It may last long enough that you need to erect a tent to keep you out of the cold and damp, but you do not need to pour concrete for a permanent foundation.

Because it is so common, there must be reasons why God would allow these things to happen.  While I cannot pretend to know the mind of God, I think I can say with some confidence periods of grief and depression do cause us to reflect and to reassess.  There’s no need to condemn or to punish ourselves, however.  The reflection is merely an acknowledgement between ourselves and God that we are not perfect, at least not yet.  It is an acknowledgement we are a work in progress, marred, perhaps, but still on the potter’s wheel being molded by His strong hands.

Because I’m limited in my understanding and wisdom, I know of only one method that works when fighting depression or sadness.  You must find a way to help someone else.  That’s right.  At a time when you cannot even help yourself, you must find the strength and will to help someone else.  In doing so, it will help lift the cloud of despair and helplessness and self-pity, which cannot heal itself.

Can you simply snap your fingers and things will change?  Probably not.  But, as long as we have ability and strength we have the ability to help someone.  You may say, “I don’t know how to do that?”  You are pretty smart, so I say, “Find a way.”

2 Responses to “Depression”

  1. Carol Gilham Says:

    I believe this to be true in my own life. Very well written, Chuck.

  2. Barbara McGuire Says:

    I LOVED this blog! Reality! Yes, we all do face it but I found the solution a long time ago, which is exactly what you suggest! Help someone else and it will lift one’s spirit! Wish everyone could read this! Blessings….

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