“You Must Be Living Right”

I’ve heard this phrase throughout my lifetime.  It is a declaration given when things are going your way, or everything seems to be going right.  It feels good, and sounds good, even though it is not always correct.

Often, we have assumed if good things happen to someone, including ourselves, “they must be living right.”  After all, why would good things happen to bad people?  Conversely, when bad things happen to someone, we sometimes wonder what they did wrong.  After all, why would bad things happen to good people?

These misconceptions, and misinterpretations have caused countless problems in the body of Christ.  We are confused.

The truth is a bit harder to take – bad things happen to good people, and good things happen to bad people.  In short, you cannot look at what happens to a person or family and determine exactly what they did right or wrong.

I know this flies in the face of some folks, and they would not agree with my analysis, but that is ok, as I believe the scriptures bear out my assertions.

Now let’s be clear – no one is going to get away with anything.  If they have done evil, and have not received proper justice in this life, you can rest assured they will not escape judgment from God.  Likewise, if an individual has done right and received evil in this lifetime, you can rest assured God will make it right in the life to come.

The biggest problem is we want to see everything ‘righted’ in this lifetime, and we don’t always see that.

So, what is the point?  The point is simply this – while we make a big deal out of the righteous receiving benefits in this life, which they do, we should also understand the unrighteous often receive benefits, too.  This is born out by the parable of Lazarus and the rich man.

Jesus told the story of Lazarus and the rich man to illustrate how far things can be out of line in this world, but are straightened out in the world to come.  He used extremes in this example.  The rich man had everything this world had to offer, and it appears he didn’t suffer one day of his earthly life.  He lived in luxury and comfort.  Free from worry, fear, anxiety, hunger, or any illness.  The scriptures say, ‘he fared sumptously every day’, indicating he was at the peak of human existence.  By comparison, Lazarus was at the other end of the spectrum.  He was poor, hungry, and sick.  It says he was laid at the rich man’s gate indicating he was also crippled.  He was on the bottom rung of the ladder of life.  But, as Jesus relates this story we know so well, things changed once this earthly life came to an end.  Things were ‘righted’.  Things were put into their proper place.

So, my friends, you cannot tell what is going on with a person by how well they live, whether they are rich or poor, whether they are sick or healthy, whether they are loved or hated.  Although we often judge people by these things, it cannot always be accurate, as illustrated by Lazarus and the rich man.

One Response to ““You Must Be Living Right””

  1. Barbara McGuire Says:

    Excellent blog and a good reminder to all of us! I agree…we must stay focused on the end result. If we will it will keep us on track. Blessings…

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