When God Sends You Two Thumbs-Up

This is a true story that took place about 25 years ago.  At the time I was working under our current pastor’s father, also named James Binion.  (Author’s Note:  Any reference to Bro Binion in this posting is referring to James Binion, Senior.)

I was due to take a business trip to West Texas and invited Bro Binion to go along for the ride.  During the course of the trip Bro Binion had secured a preaching engagement in a small West Texas church for Sunday morning service.  For many reasons it was a service I wouldn’t soon forget.

For one thing, it was a very small church, and attendance was only about 15-20 people.  There were a few small families, and a lady with two young daughters sitting in the back in attendance that morning.  Secondly, when Sunday School closed we expected for the service to begin as usual, and then for Bro Binion to  be introduced and to preach.  Instead, the pastor came by, shook our hands, and told us he was glad we were there, and announced, “Ok, you’ve got it!”

Bro Binion looked at me, and I looked at him.  Then he said, “Go get a red-backed hymnal and lead singing while I get on the piano.”

Somehow we managed to get to through the song service, and the preaching began.  I could tell Bro Binion was having a difficult time, but somewhere in the middle things picked up and he finished in fine form.

On the road I mentioned to him, “Well, that was an experience, wasn’t it?”  He said, “Yes, it was.  I was pretty discouraged, but somewhere in the middle, I looked back over the congregation and saw the woman with the two daughters, and each of the daughters was giving me a thumbs-up.  From there I felt fine.”

I’ve thought about that incident a few times since, and it’s made me realize there are times when we get discouraged, but God isn’t one to let you cry on His shoulder.  Instead, He might just send two young girls along to give you a ‘thumbs-up’, and that may be all you need to get you through to the next rest stop.


2 Responses to “When God Sends You Two Thumbs-Up”

  1. Carol Gilham Says:

    Wonderful story!!!!

  2. beamcguire@gmail.com Says:

    What a great story! I always enjoy hearing personal experiences. I can see why you would remember this example well! As always, thanks for sharing! Blessings…

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