The Big Question

As human beings we put a lot of emphasis on things that are not all that important to God.  What things, you might ask?

Money – am I rich, poor, or somewhere in-between?

Position – am I powerful, famous, influential?

Success – am I successful, a failure, or somewhere lost in the middle?

We also put emphasis on what we have been given in life, or in some cases, what we don’t have.  Some are born in a rich nation, such as the U.S., and some are born in poor nations, such as Ethiopia.  Some have opportunities, and some have a lack of opportunities.  Some have connections, and some don’t.  Some have luck, and some have little or none.  Some have help, and some do not have help.

The list is endless, and causes for some real confusion as to what is important, and what is not.  I hope to dispel some of the confusion by flatly stating that all of the above things I’ve mentioned above, do not matter to God.  Neither does race, gender, height, weight, etc…

What do you mean?  God doesn’t care if I’m rich or poor?

Well, let me restate what I said and meant.  God does care what happens to you, and does care about your state.  But, those things have nothing to do with the BIG question God will ask you when your time here is over.  God is not going to care whether you were rich, poor, Hispanic, Chinese, Caucasian, male, female, famous, little known.  He is not going to care whether you were sick or healthy, big or little, round or square.  But, I do believe there is one thing that will be important, and I call it the BIG QUESTION.

“What did you do with the opportunities you were given?”

This question doesn’t care about wealth or poverty, or what country you were born in.  It doesn’t care about race or gender, health or sickness.  It doesn’t even care about what opportunities you were given, or not given.  It only cares about what you did with the opportunities you WERE GIVEN, not the ones you might wish you would have had.

It’s easy to think about what we might do if we only had the opportunity, but the truth is we are each given certain opportunities throughout life.  Some are big, and some are small.  Some are life-changing, and some are not.  Some people have lots of opportunities, and some only have a few.  But, as I stated above, those things don’t matter.  The one thing that DOES matter, is what you did with those opportunities you did get.

Did you do good, or did you do evil?  Did you do right, or did you do wrong?  Did you move into your opportunity, or were you afraid?  Did you obey, or disobey?

According to the parable on talents, individuals were not measured by what others accomplished, or what they were given.  Individuals were measured on what they did with what they were given.

One of my opportunities is writing this blog.  I don’t know if it is important or not.  Most of the time I feel it pretty insignificant, but regardless, it is an opportunity that has been given to me, and it is up to me to make it worthwhile.  No one else can do it, as it is up to me alone.  I cannot rely on someone else to give me inspiration or instruction, or to write these for me.  It is my opportunity, alone.  The results are up to God, so I’m relieved from trying to determine if my blog has any worth or merit.

So, what will you do with the opportunities given to you?  They may seem small and insignificant, and not worth much, but they are still yours.

One Response to “The Big Question”

  1. Says:

    Excellent blog. My husband just preached on this very same thing a couple of weeks ago! It is an important message and one that we all need to be reminded of. I’m glad you are using your “opportunity” for Him! We get the benefits from that opportunity! Blessings….

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